Is Spouse Cheating Part of the Human Nature?

Human nature refers to a set of distinguishing characteristics that are said to be inherent in man. It is used to guide established norms or standards in relation to everyday living whether alone or as part of a community. It can also include the scientific and religious aspects of being human. Many philosophers believe that there is no such thing as human nature and that the character of humans is molded by their socialization and experience.

If we say that cheating is part of the human nature, isn’t it tantamount to saying that human beings are born cheaters and that we have no choice or power over it because it is what we are. So how do we explain the existence of people who have remained true to their personal commitments with one person, if not forever, at least one at a time? Infidelity is very prevalent nowadays. However, using this fact as a basis to say that all humans will cheat on their partners is not factual at all.

Some say that non-cheaters only remain as they are simply because they do not have the opportunity to cheat and that they will cheat as well once given that opportunity. This is a highly debatable issue which probably cannot be resolved in one lifetime. Humans continuously evolve and so does the environment in which he moves and breathes.

Established laws, whether religious or governmental, have failed to prevent the high incidence of infidelity. Neither has the absence of any law prevented anyone from being the exclusive partner of another. This brings us to the question as to whether cheating is a matter of personal decision which may have been brought on or encouraged by certain circumstances but will remain the final say of the person concerned. We have heard many discovered cheaters say that they have only committed acts of infidelity because they were drunk or under the influence of drugs and thus unable to control their acts. Cheated spouses can always counter that cheaters who plead this reason should not have put themselves in a position where they will lose control in the first place. Humans possess the common sense and intelligence to reasonably determine risks unless purposely misled as in criminal offenses such as rape.

Men are often said to be more prone to infidelity because of their biological nature to procreate. Women, on the other hand, are said to be less prone to it because their actions are often dictated by emotions. Again, these are highly debatable issues because there would always be men and women who can be presented to prove the contrary.

The thinking that the high infidelity rate existing today is caused by the general moral permissiveness happening all over the world cannot be considered an exact statement since there is that possibility that infidelity has also been done to a large extent during the early years except that they have not been brought into public attention whether on purpose or due to limitations in technology. Man has the distinction of possessing intellectual abilities not found in animals. The expectation therefore to live as humans and not as animals is there.

Human bodies have been created with a function to engage in intimate physical activities with another. Exclusivity appears to have evolved over time in pursuit of some semblance of order in the human race. The present time gives us choices whether or not to cheat our spouses, regardless of whether or not it is in our human nature to cheat.

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