Nice Gift for 25th Anniversary

Tony and Monika had been happily married for 25 years. Tony is a tall, handsome man, very sociable and friendly. Monika is a petite, pleasant lady, very nice to talk to. They have three children together. Their eldest son is married and has a newborn son. They also have 18-year-old twin daughters.

Generally speaking, it is an example of a perfect family. So here came their silver wedding anniversary. As a tradition, the celebration was marvelous: lots of flowers, gifts, fun. A newborn grandson- the greatest joy of Tony and Monika- was the main guest at that event. Everything was perfect.

Next morning Tony, getting ready to go to work, took a couple of T-shirts and some underwear and leaving the apartment, said to Monika: “I am leaving for good. Do not wait for me”. First Monika decided it was a bad joke but the nasty feeling made her uneasy. Although, Tony was a famous joker, that one was too much even for him. As it turned out, Tony was serious, he left in earnest.

Monika was very upset and soul-searching for a while. She kept asking herself: maybe she did something wrong, made her husband unhappy or insulted him somehow. But she could not come up with anything: for all 25 years of their married life everything ran pretty smoothly as usual. They had a lot of hardships, brought up their three children without any help, because they both were orphans and could never rely on anybody. And Tony never complained of anything, was very supportive and optimistic and solved all their problems with a positive attitude. And now when all difficulties are behind them, when it is time to finally relax and enjoy a nice time with their grandson, waiting for more kids to come in the family, he left.

Just like that, without any explanations, simply having said: “I am leaving. Do not wait for me”. It is a so-call notorious male awkward age- 40 years old. Here, much can be compared with the youthful age of transition, and above all, everyone goes through this age differently. Some men do not even notice it, but others just go crazy, not understanding themselves what is going on. Tony is probably one of them.

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