Monica’s Husband Left Family

The first explanation that every woman might have when her husband leaves the family is another woman. Monika thought the same. But she was wrong. Tony did not have a lover when he was leaving her. Only later he would have other women. And not because he loved them but out of necessity- he did not have any place to live so he had to be with somebody. First, he continued his work but his new life style did not contribute to his desire to work. Having a 3- bedroom apartment, Tony literally became homeless. He still could come back and live with his wife, but he chose to be free.

Once he stopped by his friends’ place. They were happy to see him and organized a party as they wanted to feed their homeless friend as he looked pretty miserable. What was really shocking was that Tony took off not just his boots but his socks-that’s how dirty and smelly they were- as well as and walked into the room barefoot. However, sitting at the table he never stopped joking as if nothing had changed since the day he left his family.

Tony had been in the streets for about ten years, living one or another homeless woman, whereas Monika still waited for him at their cozy home. However, he came back eventually, although not the way Monika wanted. He came to attend their son’s funeral…

Who knows, what was going on in that man’s head? What was he missing at home that decided it was better to be homeless? How could it be explained? Maybe Tony could not even explain that himself. Maybe at some point he thought that 25 years was too long and boring to be with one woman and just imagined another kind of life, full of fun and adventures. That’s how he found himself living in the streets. He thought he finally got what he wanted although that life turned out filthy and disgusting. And nobody was going to wash his socks and there was no money to buy new ones.

Tony is not the only man who chose streets over the home comfort. Of course, every man has his own story, his own thoughts and motives. But “midlife crisis”, a term, invented by psychologists, really exists.

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