Husband’s Letter

There are many signs of a cheating spouse but each sign will only have particular significance when it actually happens to you.  In my case, I have seen a lot of these signs but only recognized them as such in hindsight and not when it was actually happening.  I particularly remember the look shared by my wife and her lover that sent warning bells ringing inside my head.  They shared the look only for an instant, without making any physical contact and with such matter-of-fact manner in front of common friends and acquaintances.  I also remember them subtly checking each other out in several gatherings although outwardly appearing not to be interested on the other.  It was probably the effort exerted in trying to appear disinterested that led me more to suspect that I could possibly catch a cheating spouse if I tried hard enough.

All of you might be wondering why I had several opportunities to make my observation.  It’s pretty easy to understand actually why.  You see, my wife and I work in the same office although in different departments while her lover is her boss.  We regularly move within the same circle not only in work-related activities but in social activities as well.  I have a hunch that most of our officemates knew of the illicit relationship long before I had any clue about it.

The infidelity of my wife was especially painful because it was carried out in a pre-meditated manner.  Apparently, our marriage was arranged to conceal another relationship.  It just so happened that I was the most convenient person to involve being head over heels in love with my wife.  To fully understand my cheating spouse’s case, let me start from the beginning.

When I came to work with the company, my then future wife was already occupying her present position as secretary to a department head.  She was one of the first people to warmly welcome me as a co-employee.  She was very easy to like, so easy that I fell hard for her.  I pursued her and won her heart and we went steady for about six months.  We started planning for marriage soon after.

During this time, I never noticed anything unusual about her work.  She would accompany her boss on out-of-town business trips and sometimes stayed beyond office hours supposedly to finish some needed work.  I was always the patient partner, adjusting to the demands of her job when needed.  One time when I went home ahead of her because she needed to stay behind, I had the chance to socialize with some of my male co-employees.  Out of a genuine desire to open up to them, I shared our marriage plans to them.  All too sudden, an uncomfortable silence ensued, one of them then asked if I really knew my future wife that well to marry her.  Then another said that we should just change the subject because we’re going way too serious for a night-out.  Either my instincts were not working or I was too in love to bother as I failed to correctly interpret what just happened.

The following morning, my girlfriend asked what I did the night before.  When I told her that I went out with some of the guys in the office for some fun, she asked if they said anything about her. She quickly dropped the subject when I said no.  She seemed nervous for some reason which she did not explain.

Everyone in the office was invited to our wedding, including her boss and her boss’ wife.  We had one week to ourselves and went back to work after.  We were very happy that week.

Unfortunately, my wife’s work schedule began to tighten necessitating her staying behind at the office far more frequently than I expected.  The out-of-town business trips also became more frequent and longer in duration.  When before, trips consisted of 1 to 2 days every two months, their trips were being scheduled almost every month.  Even for their nature of work, it was far too many to be official.  That was when I started feeling some doubts about my wife.

Is my spouse cheating on me?  This is the question that goes over and over inside my head.  Analyzing our situation was pure torture as I began to see everything in a new but clearer light.  Three months into marriage and facing the possibility of having a cheating spouse is devastating.  I had to know for sure to regain my peace of mind.

This was when I remembered my older sister talking about a certain product known as the CheckMate.  During a light bantering in one family gathering, she warned her husband to be very careful about his activities as she now has a kit that can test the presence of semen in any material.   We all had a good laugh about it but now I realize that I may have the need for the product myself to check whether my wife is a cheating spouse.

To gather more information about the product, I searched the Internet for hours, reading about how it is used and the many positive testimonials provided by satisfied users.  I ordered one right away and got it within 3 days.  I was ready for the truth and I’m out to get it no matter what.

I made my move after one of my wife’s usual out-of-town business travels with her boss.  I tested 2 underwears, a nightee and the pantyliner she disposed in the trashcan on the night she arrived.  Guess what, all items gave positive results.  I was aghast by the confirmation and to think that I purposely avoided having sex with her for a week just to prepare for this test.  I need not be extraordinarily intelligent to know that my wife is a cheating spouse who is engaging in sexual relations with a man besides me.

I confronted her with my evidence and her confirmation was actually anti-climatic as it was expected.  Before we went our separate ways, I demanded an explanation since I believed I deserved to know.  She said that her affair with her married boss has been going on for almost a year before she met me.  She even admitted that they agreed that our marriage could erase the suspicions of her boss’ wife.  The cover was meant to allow them to carry on their affair without much trouble.

Her story stank of deceit, selfishness and total disregard for my feelings.  Thanks to CheckMate, I did catch her before making a fool of myself any longer.  What she did almost destroyed me and left me with nothing.  I’m thankful that I have recovered and proved myself better than my cheating spouse.

Miami, Florida

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