Fresh and Juicy Cheating Jokes

Cheating is never funny except in jokes about cheating.  The thing that makes it funny is the very thing that makes the real cheating painful – truth.  The situation is narrated in a manner that is easily understood so that the humor does not get lost in the narrative’s direct allusion to what is happening in the real world.
Jokes about cheating can be very simple yet meaningful.
Susie and Annie are very close friends and were set to meet for lunch that day.
Susie noticed that Annie was walking rather stiffly and asked what the problem was.
Annie replied, “Oh its nothing.  It’s just that my husband is so big, I just can’t take it.”
Susie replied, “I know, I know.”
Other jokes about cheating require more explanation and preparation to set the right circumstances.  Every line is intended to build the climax where the final laugh is expected to happen.
John and Claire were celebrating their 50th anniversary when they had this interesting
“Claire, have you ever cheated on me?”
“Oh John, I don’t think you would want to know the answer to that question.”
“Please Claire, I really want to know and I promise not to get angry.”
“Well, if you must know, I did cheat on you 3 times.”
“When did this happen?”
“John, remember the time when you wanted to start a business and no one wanted to
grant you a loan?  Remember how the bank president in our town came to our house
and personally signed your loan papers with no questions asked?”
“Oh Claire, I cannot believe that you did that for me.  I respect you more now knowing
how you sacrificed for me!  When did the second happen?”
“John, remember the time you suffered a heart attack that required a complicated
operation and no doctor in town dared to touch you?  Remember how Dr. Jones
came to our far-flung town all the way from the big city and did the surgery himself,
and then you became well again?”
“Oh Claire, I cannot believe how much you are willing to do to save my life.  I love you
more now knowing what you had to go through for me! So when did the 3rd happen?”
“Well John, remember a couple of years ago when you really wanted to be president
of our town association and you were 17 votes short?”
Some jokes on cheating are direct to the point one-liners.  Simple but deliberate.  No explanation needed.
My wife knew I was cheating with my secretary when she found lipstick marks on my
collar covered with White-Out.
Jokes on cheating provide relief to the very serious aspect of infidelity.  In a sense, it pokes fun in the manner humans carry out their cheating acts and how they try to evade discovery.  It also reflects how cheating is discovered through the acts of the cheaters themselves.  In the same breathe, it makes us realize the fact that infidelity survivors can live to laugh another day when the worse part is over.

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