Ex-Wife and Cheating Husband

Ann had been happy in her marriage for eleven years. Her husband and she had been bringing up their two kids, getting settled in the new apartment, paying out a loan for a car. Ann loved her husband dearly and considered herself to be the happiest person on earth. She had had that feeling until that awful day when she got a phone call: – By the way, your husband at the moment is at this address… in a company of a pretty girl Jane.

First, Ann thought it was someone’s bad joke, and calmly returned to her housework. But deep inside she had a nasty feeling of doubt. As Ann could not stand it, she rushed to the given address. And she indeed found her husband there. Having realized that he was caught on a spot, Nick got pale and hurriedly started to be ready to go home.

However, Ann said anxiously: “I see you got settled well here. So stay, and I will manage to live without you!” Nick did not want a divorce, he was begging Ann to forgive him, swearing that he loved her and the kids and that an affair with Jane was just a foolish mistake, a fleeting desire of his. However, Ann was determined and they got divorced. Nick was decent enough and left the apartment to his wife. In fact, he left her everything, except for the car. It is fair to note that he also took responsibility to pay out a loan for the car.

However, he needed a place to live, so he came to Jane’s with all his stuff. He did not like her family at all but he had to start his new life, moreover that Ann did not want to reconcile. After a short time a baby was born in the new family. Although it was not what he wanted, Nick had to marry Jane and recognize himself as a father of a newborn child. But he also did not forget about his first wife and kids: he visited them often, brought gifts, helped Ann financially. And as it turned out suddenly, Ann and Nick became lovers.

But the problem is that Nick can not break up with his new wife and leave her with a little child. Now Ann wishes that unknown person, who broke the news about her husband’s cheating, never told her that. Because of her, Ann found herself in a very ambiguous position. She also regrets that she was so mad at her husband that was not able to listen to her heart and forgive him. So to say, she punished somebody. But the question is: “Whom?”

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