How to Determine if Your Husband is Cheating

Men are prone to infidelity as dictated by their basic nature. Whether or not this is true, statistics would show that there are still far more cheating men than women. Some studies have pointed to men’s basic instinct towards procreation that the mere knowledge of a women’s sexual interest in them is enough initiative to engage in a sexual relationship whether or not they are committed to an exclusive relationship such as marriage.

Doubting wives can take direct action to determine if their husbands are engaged in another relationship specifically that which is sexual in nature. Through the use of a semen detection kit, wives can correlate the discovery of stains in underwear and other clothing articles with activities that give rise to nagging suspicions. A woman need not be a genius to know that her husband is cheating if semen stains are detected in his clothing after a late night out. After all, semen comes out for an obvious reason.

The CheckMate Infidelity Test Kit provides the confirmation where confession is out of the question. No cheating husband would readily admit his illicit activities unless he purposely wants to get rid of his partner by hurting her enough that she would leave him at her own volition. Most cheating men however, are not actually ready to break up their marriages but would like to enjoy a side relationship for a whole lot of reasons ranging from boredom to finding a “new love”.

Men are relatively easier to test than women since a sexually excited man will find it impossible to avoid having traces of semen in his underwear, more so if he actually engages in the sexual act. The man up to two hours or more after sex can continuously secrete small amounts of semen. The use of a condom will not prevent his underwear from having semen stains. A man does not have the power to control the natural processes of his body.

The CheckMate product is especially designed to detect a particular enzyme that is found in very high levels in a man’s semen. Depending on individual circumstances, women using the Infidelity Test Kit can draw their own conclusion once the presence of semen is confirmed in their partners’ underwear, clothing or even the car seat. Women conducting the test would know for sure if such semen stain was caused in any way with her participation. Other than that, doubting women can safely conclude that their partners are having sexual relations with another woman. Women who have used CheckMate to test their partners have discovered traces of semen in towels, socks, upholstery, sheets, shirts, and of course, the underwear.

This brings us to the question as to why men cheat. Some of the more prevalent reasons given include curiosity or boredom, peer pressure to conform with friends who are likewise engaged in illicit relationships, lifestyle effects such as frequenting a bar where open flirting is the norm rather than the exception or simply because he can. Emotions typically do not play a big part in a man’s act of infidelity except for those cases where a man believes that he has fallen out of love from his wife and “ in love” with his paramour.

Catching a cheating husband has become a lot easier with the use of CheckMate. The product can be purchased and used with ease, comfort and utmost privacy in one’s own home. Deciding what to do after infidelity is confirmed is an entirely different thing since the wife needs to determine for herself whether she wants to stay and work to rebuild the marriage or to opt out and move on. Either way, CheckMate has given her the truth which will help her in decision making.

All confrontations are difficult but those that put intimate relationships on the line are especially so because of the amount of emotions involved. Having access to the truth such as those presented by the CheckMate results will not make them easier but will hopefully provide a basis for talking where lies need not continue so that both partners can freely decide on what they would deem acceptable to each of them given the truth of the unfaithfulness of one.

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