Check if She Does Having Affair

Gone where the days when acts of infidelity were attributed solely to men. Changes in lifestyles, employment opportunities combined with highly relaxed social norms have totally changed the way the infidelity game is played. Women having sexual relationships with men aside from their legal or usual partner are increasing.

Men who feel but cannot actually prove their suspicions they have on their partners now have a way of obtaining physical proof that can either deny or confirm such suspicions. Because of a normal cleansing action occurring in women who have had sexual intercourse, a detection kit can be effectively utilized to test for any presence of semen in underwear. This physical occurrence in women referred to as the “flowback” wherein the female body secretes small amounts of the male partner’s semen for up to about 72 hours after unprotected sex makes the test possible. Dried semen stains can be instantly detected in underwear even after showering.

The CheckMate Infidelity Test Kit provides a way for doubting males to prove their uncertainties in utmost privacy, without even the knowledge of the woman being tested. However, it is necessary for the men doing the test to abstain from having sexual intercourse with the woman being tested for at least seven (7) days prior to testing. This would ensure that men will not detect themselves and end up with wrong conclusions. Investigating male partners should be on the lookout for dried stains on underwear, other items of clothings, beddings and other fabric materials that may be of significance to the suspected sexual encounter.

Women who have just come from long business trips cum pleasure trips may unwittingly take home the evidence without them realizing it. Dried semen stains on materials can be tested even after several years as long as it is not laundered and stored at normal room temperature. However, the typical scenario would be that of testing recently discovered stains since there is a natural desire to discover the truth the soonest possible time. The tester should let his imagination work since it is always a possibility that the most unlikely article in the baggage can actually hold the key to the truth. So it is best not to limit the search for stains in underwear. The CheckMate semen detection kit is the fastest, easiest and most cost-effective way of knowing without hurting innocent partners or warning guilty ones.

Although the use of condom may effectively prevent the presence of semen inside the body of women, it does not all together prevent semen presence on the external clothing of women because of the usual cuddling that happens after the actual sexual act. Male partners who have undergone vasectomy cannot evade this test since CheckMate tests for semen and not for sperm.

There are various reasons why women cheat on their partners but the most common reasons cited are lack of attention from partners, lack of quality time as given by partners, lack of confidence which is given back by the attention of another man, lack of intimacy, and lack of means to spend on her needs which is answered by the shower of gifts from another man. This does not mean to say that these are right reasons, although they are real reasons in the point of view of women involved in infidelity.

Suspicious husbands need not unnecessarily and permanently damage their marriages by accusing their wives without basis. This is especially important if the man hopes to save the relationship at all cost. Going about one’s personal investigation without care and caution will most probably drive away an innocent wife. The proper approach in obtaining information and evidence will provide the man all the things he’ll ever need during confrontations with a guilty wife.

There are many ways to go about in search of the truth behind relationships. Husbands can follow their wives, take track of phone calls made and received, hire private investigators or simply use the CheckMate Infidelity Test Kit. The invisible borderline that usually needs to be crossed is for a partner to actually engage in the sexual act with another. CheckMate will provide the answer of whether such act has been engaged in but what decisions will follow after depends solely on the man on the receiving end of infidelity.

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