Reasons for Infidelity

Why People Cheat

Have you ever heard the argument that humans were never meant to be monogamous creatures? I bet there’s part of you that wonders if the people saying this are on to something or if they are just trying to justify their own wandering ahem…eyes.

People who cheat would love to think that everyone else is doing it and that it is no big deal. But it is a big deal if for no reason other than that fact that your marriage vows said you’d forsake all others. That kind of makes cheating a really big deal to most people on the other side of that equation.

But, is it human nature to cheat? If you read back to ancient times you’ll find that many men had multiple wives. Polygamy was common at the time. Oddly enough it wasn’t so much a matter of preference but more about survival of the species at a time when the world was nowhere near as densely populated as it is today. The more wives a man had the more children he could have.

Even so it was a sign in these times of wealth, status, virility, and many things that had nothing to do with love, lust, or any ideal of monogamy. But was monogamy something that was impossible to achieve and something that was the exception in marriages rather than the rule? Not really. Most men could only afford one wives and even though their marriages were arranged most men were faithful to their wives.

Was their infidelity in marriage so long ago? There’s a good bet that it was. Was it as widespread as it is portrayed to be today? It most likely was not. Even though the marriages were arranged many of them turned out to be quite happy.

A strong bond of love was forged between the men and women in arranged marriages. In many cases (there were always exceptions and abuses) the idea of infidelity would have been as far from the minds of the couples as they are from the average couple today. No matter what mass media leads you to believe everyone isn’t looking for the first opportunity to step out on their husbands and/or wives.

To answer whether or not it is really human nature to cheat no one really knows what it was like for the first humans to set foot upon this earth. It seems that language came along quite a while afterwards. But, I would like to think if that is the case that we have evolved a long way since then. In other words, we’ve come a long way baby. And whether or not we were designed for monogamy it’s quite possible that we can control those baser urges enough to be faithful to the person we’ve promised to forsake all others for.

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