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Danger of Marital Infidelity in Marriage

Infidelity is dangerous.  It is not something one plays with lightly because it can have far-reaching effects than the cheater could ever imagine.  A one- night- stand infidelity can cause a cheater to lose a possible lifetime of happiness in a secure marriage. Effects of Infidelity on the Cheater The obvious primary beneficiary of infidelity […]

Sexual Marital Freedom in Different Cultures

Sexual marital freedom varies in different cultures. Each culture has its own perception of what constitutes right or wrong, acceptable or rejectable, and legal or illegal, to establish what would constitute the sexual norm. Freedom is always subjective in nature although measuring it is usually done by comparing the existing norm to the generally acceptable […]

What is CheckMate Infidelity Test Kit?

The CheckMate Infidelity Test Kit is a semen detection kit designed for home use (fast and easy result to determine cheating spouse attitude).  It was introduced in the market in 1999 and was granted US Patent 6,764,856 on July 4, 2004.  The CheckMate brand was originally manufactured by Evergreen Industries LLC.  Medimpex United Inc. took […]

Spy on Your Spouse Through Private Detectives

There are a number of reasons why a suspicious partner would decide on hiring private detectives to spy for spouse.  One is the inability to conduct one’s own investigation either because of physical limitation or emotional incapability.  Another is the inability to find proof of infidelity in spite of best efforts due to limitation in […]