Again About The Other Men Sperm

Under the electronic microscope one can see those spermatozoons-killers coming to the fertilizing ones, touching them with their head, poisoning them and moving away. As a result, poisoned sperm dies. One spermatozoon of this kind can easily kill up to ten fertilizing sperm. There is, however, the third type which is called “spermatozoons-blockers.” Those are the old ones, unable to fertilize. They don’t even get to uterus, yet they locate in cervix, letting the “husband’s” sperm inside and keeping “the killers” from entering the uterus.

The scientists can not figure out yet how “the blockers” differentiate between husband’s and lover’s sperm, but it is known for a fact. So, the percentage of “spermatozoons-killers” in lover’s sperm is higher than in husband’s one. Therefore, when there are two streams of sperm in woman’s uterus, then lover’s sperm is higher in numbers and it is more active.

Question – Does it mean that even if a husband has sex with his wife 8 times a month and a lover –just once, the latter has a greater chance to get a woman pregnant?
Answer – Yes, he does. Lover’s sperm has a greater chance to “win”.

Question – Why did nature create it this way? Why doesn’t a husband have a right to win?
Answer – It does not matter if it is a husband or a lover. It is called “natural selection”. That means the strongest and the healthiest men have to have more children. As we know, male animals and humans compete to get a mate. The same way spermatozoons fight to fertilize an egg and that’s what let us survive.

Question – So, God wants the same as a woman?
Answer – The majority of women sincerely want to have their husband’s children and the one-night stands are soon forgotten. They usually happen at a party with a co-worker, an old friend or a man she just met. As a rule, these affairs do not last long and decent wives forget them pretty soon. In 1-2 years, answering the questions of a sex survey, they sincerely claim that they did not cheat on their husbands. Moreover, they can not always remember even under hypnosis how come their son or daughter has another man’s genes.

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