Adultery Story

David and Jennifer had been married for many years. They met when they were kids at the music school, immediately fell in love with each other and got married at the age of 18.

Soon they had two adorable sons. Jennifer settled down at home to bring up kids whereas David went on musical tours, making their living. Jennifer started teaching music at the kindergarten and David made his own band to play at weddings and other events to earn extra money.

Sometimes he would come home a little drunk, which, however, never concerned his wife. Jennifer too was very sociable and was happy to go parting with her husband and his friends or sometimes two of them just had dinner with a bottle of wine at home when kids went to bed.

One day having drunk a little more than usual, David confessed to his wife that he was having sex on his tours every now and then- nothing special though, just to make sure again that Jennifer was the best of all women. His wife was greatly hurt by his confession and pledged to revenge. David just laughed at her threats…

Some time passed. Having come home from work one night, David found his wife with another man, lying in their kids’ bed half-naked. Their sons were at the Grandmother’s so the lovers were alone in the intimate romantic ambience. When he saw that scene, David got outraged, took the hammer and started to chase his wife and her lover, screaming and calling them names.

That was pretty funny to observe but the neighbors did not appreciate people disturbing their peace at night and called the police. David got released only next morning, still drunk and very upset. He did not forgive his wife and filed for divorce right away. Despite the fact that the couple had two children, they got divorced pretty quickly. But the problem was to sell the apartment and buy two- one for each spouse. They could not work it out for quite a while still living together as a family.

Every option they had was worse that they were hoping for and the spouses remained at their place. Many years went by. Their sons grew up, the elder one even got married, but Jennifer and David were still together. They forgot about their mutual cheating, revenge and insults. They became a happy family again as they used to be, just without having affairs.

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