Adultery Story with Cheating Revenge

This is a story about a couple – Mike and Jessica. Mike had been having a free life style: he could just leave his pregnant wife alone and go on vacation; moreover he cheated on her constantly. The first time when Jessica found out about her husband’s unfaithfulness was at the gynecologist’s appointment when she discovered she had a sexually transmitted disease, which was luckily easily treated. Next time Jessica was assumed to be Mike’s lover which of course hurt and insulted her deeply.

Despite Jessica’s numerous reproaches and even threats to revenge, Mike remained the same ruthless, self-centered guy who just told his wife that nobody would ever be with her as she was neither smart nor beautiful. Jessica took it for granted and tolerated that humiliation as she was not educated and could not find a decent job to support her and divorce her husband. On the other hand, the woman did not want to come back to her small home town, so she was quite stranded and depended on Mike immensely.

One day Jessica met Arthur and fell head over heels in love with him. The man treated her nicely and respectfully, gave her flowers and gifts, read poetry, to say in a word, Jessica felt loved and happy again.

Meanwhile, Mike continued his life style, leaving his wife and their six-year-old son alone for a while.

Arthur used that time and took Jessica to his home town to introduce her to his parents. After two weeks of perfect bliss, Arthur proposed to Jessica to be his wife and she happily agreed.

When Mike returned from his trip, he found a basket of flowers and a huge romantic card addressed to Jessica. Mike got mad and demanded explanations. Astonished by her own boldness, Jessica said that she was getting married to Arthur and leaving for another city. She was taking only her son with her, leaving the apartment, all furniture and the car to her husband. Being not so proud but with ambition and quite malicious, Mike could easily kill his obstinate wife but he acted differently in that situation…

Of course, Mike was so insulted and humiliated that he kept screaming and calling his wife names. According to him, if a man cheated on his wife, it was quite alright, but if a woman did that, it was totally unacceptable. As a result, Jessica could only say in her defense that she fell in love and was determined to leave her husband.

And when Mike realized that his wife’s intentions were serious as she indeed had strong relationships with another man unlike Mike with his numerous meaningless affairs, he began to convince his wife to reconcile and stay with him in earnest.

His primary reason was that Jessica already knew Mike very well and she was aware of all his weaknesses and lapses whereas Arthur was a “pig in a poke” and if for example today he did something nice for her, next day he might throw her out of the window or something of that kind. And maybe he could have affairs with other women when Jessica would stop inspiring him to write poems. As Jessica was not an educated woman, she had plenty of complex feelings and a low self-esteem and thought that her husband might be right about her not knowing Arthur well enough to leave her husband for him. Moreover, despite the fact that Mike was a scoundrel, he was her “dear scoundrel”. And who knew what could she expect from Arthur?

In general, Jessica did not manage to change her life radically and decided to stay with Mike. Mike in his turn pledged to her that he would not cheat ever again and never rebuked his wife for her immoral behavior. Jessica still had doubts about her husband’s loyalty but she never had that embarrassing sexually transmitted disease again. Although Mike still insulted her by saying that no man would ever be with her, Jessica felt very guilty about cheating on her husband and causing him a lot of emotional stress.

And after some time Jessica could openly talk about her affair if it could be called that, because she had sex with Arthur only a couple of times and his talent to write poetry was much better than his sexual abilities. Although he was nice and loving, the man did not possess strong character and therefore was not able to really satisfy a woman.

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