Month: September 2011

Cheating Wives and Female Infidelity

Here Comes the Cheating Wives The number of cheating wives is on an all-time high. As infidelity statistics would indicate, the cheating wives have equalized the game with cheating husbands in terms of number. Some observers have brought forward the possibility that female cheaters actually outnumber their male counterparts with the propensity of male respondents […]

Life with Cheating Partner

The Cheating Partner Having a cheating partner is one of the most difficult challenges faced in marriage.  This is because spousal cheating deals with the betrayal of the very person who is supposed to provide care, support, and love in life.  When deceit and pain are given instead, marriage becomes a heavy burden to carry. […]

Adultery Emotional impact on the Family

How Infidelity Affects a Marriage When a spouse surpasses the borders as provided by marriage by cultivating an extra marital relationship, he or she is said to be committing marital infidelity.  Marital infidelity has entered the picture of many marriages and has affected them in varying ways.  While others experienced temporary effects on the relationship […]