To forgive adultery

If your husband had an affair, first of all, try to answer the most important question on which your future decision will depend, namely if it was a one-night stand or serious relationships. If it happened just once, think about not how to revenge and make your husband feel guilty, but how not to be upset and hurt yourself. What would be the best for you? Would it be easier to stay with an unfaithful husband or you’d better off without him? Or maybe you should forgive him?

Of course, it is very painful, moreover if you see your husband every day, and can not help imagining him in the arms of another woman. On the other hand, if you do not forgive him, you maybe be suffering from the thought of where he is now, who is taking care of him or even if he is having a nice dinner with his lover, celebrating victory over you.

You would like to punish your husband very much, putting your relationships to end, and most likely you will succeed. But try to think of the following: if you divorce your husband, wouldn’t it mean that you punish yourself as well? Is it worth it? You already had enough pain and suffering (which you absolutely did not deserve), when you found out about his cheating. Maybe your husband will consider divorce to be long-awaited freedom whereas you will remain punished twice.

However, you should not forget everything as it were a nightmare. Instead, try to think of possible reasons and circumstances which made your husband cheat on you. (None of them justify adultery, though). If it is just a one-night stand, maybe it makes sense to forgive him.

Maybe your husband met a woman who reminded him of his first love and he could not resist temptation. Or he was on a business trip or vacation and found himself in a company of women who would not be embarrassed to have a fling as their views on sex were quite liberal. Moreover, if a man was drunk, he could do certain things that he would never do (and never think of doing) in a different situation. And in the morning he would realize what had happened and regret it.

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