Telltale Signs of Marital Infidelity

Telltale Signs of Marital Cheating

The more a person tries to hide something, the more it becomes obvious that something is being hidden. Such is the irony of betrayal. That is why I’ll know for sure when I see signs that my spouse has an affair because he will try to hide it and the signs will strive to be recognized.

I know my spouse well, quite well in fact that I can easily distinguish a truth from a lie. Doubting spouses should know that the most notorious sign among telltale signs of marital cheating is lying. Infidelity is a lie in itself and it follows that everything that makes it up is part of the lie. A cheating spouse would need a whole lot of lies just to carry out his daily pretense of faithfulness to his spouse. A guilty spouse would try to make it appear that everything is in order but in doing so, he tends to go overboard, manifesting a change that is suspicious in its attempt to be normal. In my mind, I see this as a sign that my spouse has an affair.

A husband who has no time for me is saying that he has more important things or people to attend to. I will not be surprised if there is one interesting woman among these reasons that leaves him no will or strength to spend time with me. I see this not only as a sign that my spouse has an affair but also as a sign that I am no longer important to him as I used to be.

He seems to be spending more and more time at work or at some work-related activity, usually out-of-town which requires him to be away for a considerable length of time. I find it difficult to contact him at these designations. When I call his office, he’s always out which makes me wonder if his office is paying him to stay out of the office. I know my spouse has an affair because he should care enough to reach me instead of avoiding me, even if he’s very, very busy.

The sense of hiding something is unmistakable. He talks in hushed tones over the phone. He spends most of his time in the computer when he’s home, usually late at night. We seem to be getting a lot of prank calls lately but I feel quite uneasy about it especially since the caller appears to have particular dislike for my voice but not his. It makes sense that my spouse has an affair because it will explain why I feel worthless, neglected, and unwanted.

Yes, I see many telltale signs of marital cheating in my spouse but frankly I’m afraid to know the truth lest it hurts me more than my suspicions do. Will I ever have the courage to confirm these signs that my spouse as an affair? I know I should, for me to have that chance to live as I should. There must be more to life than nagging doubts and suspicions.

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