Swingers Lifestyle Instead of Cheating

Swingers are generally couples who engage in sexual acts with another couple/s although there are some individual swingers as well. Swinging is a sexually liberated lifestyle wherein people consent to participate in sex with others aside from their legal spouses. This arrangement does not involve cheating or betrayal since participation is known and involves the partner.

The swingers’ lifestyle is not for everyone since it involves physically sharing one’s spouse with other people at least during the sexual act. This set-up has been resorted to by many for the purpose of living up their fantasies and learning new and better techniques in sex. Swingers have been known to have developed long and enduring friendships with members of their swinging group.

Couples interested in swinging can join a swingers club to meet with other people who are equally inclined into the lifestyle. Clubs of this nature are very discreet and allow people to freely interact and even have sex upon mutual consent. There are also swingers’ destinations which serve as adult getaways for swingers. Online dating sites are also possible sources of swinging partners.

Swingers go about their lifestyle on the premise that they are free to have sex with others as long as it does not hurt anyone, including the spouse and swinging partner/s. The act becomes cheating when carried out without the spouse’s knowledge and consent. As in open marriages, there is a distinct effort to separate the physical act of sex from the emotions of love and attachment. Swinging puts into the forefront the hedonistic aspect of humanity which includes the uncurtailed enjoyment of sex as long as no one gets hurt. Not all swinging couples are able to rise above the natural feelings of jealousy and betrayal even with the supposed explicit consent given to each other.

Whether or not a swinger’s lifestyle is better than cheating, is a question that is best answered by those who practice it. If they go into it to add spice and zest to their relationship by fulfilling certain fantasies, they might actually end up accomplishing their purpose. However, if they go into it in the hope that swinging will fix a failing relationship, they might be up to some disappointment. Practicing something which is a deviation from the usual norm might just be too much for an already problematic relationship.

Swinging will not prevent a cheating spouse. Cheaters can participate in swinger activities with their spouses while still carrying on other relationships behind the spouse’s back. It can even be used by cheaters as a ploy to convince their non-cheating spouses that having sexual relations with others is acceptable.

In the real context of marriage, at least in the Western World, exclusivity between partners is an important component. Whether this component is violated or not by a swinger lifestyle because of the mutual consent given is quite difficult to determine because of the varying views of those practicing it. No one would really know how a person really feels in seeing his/her spouse get physically intimate with another. This is only usually determined with the long term result of a relationship. If a relationship survives or even flourishes in the swinging lifestyle, then it can be surmised that the spouses have found an unusual alternative to have certain sexual urges satisfied aside from cheating. Any success however is considered an exception to the rule. Sexual acts with another, with or without consent of the partner, cheating or not, still remains unacceptable for most people.

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