Spot a Cheating Husband

A wife has a special advantage over other women when it comes to her husband. No other woman can possibly know him better than she does. This extreme familiarity with his ways, idiosyncrasies, and style can help her spot a cheating husband.

The wife can see or feel the minutest change in her man even without having actual knowledge of the act of infidelity. Suspicions usually start with an unexplained, unsettling feeling that something is wrong. This is often referred to as gut feel which can serve its purpose in the wife’s quest for the truth.

By positively acting on the gut feel, doubting wives can either confirm that she is dealing with a cheating husband or merely entertaining baseless suspicions. Either way is beneficial to the wife since confirmation can only lead to peace of mind. Even the unfortunate discovery of infidelity has its positive side since learning the truth can provide the wife the reason to take concrete actions either in saving the marriage or leaving the cheating husband to start anew.

Change is the primary sign of a cheating husband. Wives need not look for glaringly obvious signs as infidelity and its tracks are purposely being hidden by the cheater. No one can rightfully gauge these changes more than the wife and cheating husbands often neglect the fact that they can be very transparent before the eyes of their suspicious wives. Most often than not, wives who appear to accept their husbands’ words – hook, line and sinker, merely prefer to preserve the peace or the semblance of family or spousal harmony. They know that questions asked can lead to a nasty confrontation which they are not ready for. If a doubting wife prefers to act in such a way, it should be only to find out more before seeking outright confrontation and not because she chooses to accept a treatment that she does not deserve.

A cheating husband will demonstrate changes in his interaction with his wife in terms of the emotional and intimate level. He will initially try to cover up his guilt by being extra-attentive to his wife, showering her with unexpected gifts and doing small chores for her which were not done before. In time, as he becomes more confident and more involved in his extra-marital affair, he will try to justify his cheating by finding fault in his wife. He will demonstrate this by being overly critical of even the smallest mistake of the wife. A cheating husband will also show changes in the aspect of sex either by reducing if not eliminating sexual activity with the wife or showing preference for unusual sexual acts.

A man who suddenly puts uncharacteristic attention to his appearance may mean that he is trying to look good for another woman either to attract her or keep her interested. Men who have long been married tend to fall into a comfortable routine which usually includes relaxing the standards of appearance. Having no reason to change this such as a job promotion that requires certain representation standards, a man who takes unexplainable pains in his looks might just be a cheating husband.

Schedule changes also form part of a cheating husband’s elaborate scheme to hide infidelity. These would include overtime work with no equivalent increase in pay, frequent business trips wherein he cannot be contacted, frequent boys’ night-outs with friends lasting up the wee hours of the morning, and work absences when he is supposed to be at work. A cheating husband will have to juggle his time every so often so as to accommodate his affair with another woman.

Physical signs may just be staring the wife on her face without her noticing it. These would include stains and smell on clothing, credit card statements and receipts, and unfamiliar female personal items found in the car. A cheating husband would also require extraordinary privacy in his phone and computer use.

Not all men cheat but they generally find it harder than women to refuse an opportunity for cheating when it presents itself. This is the reason why men are considered physical beings as compared to women who are said to be emotional beings. Some cheating husbands have managed to hide their infidelity for long periods of time but telltale signs eventually gave them away.

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