Is there something wrong with me when I say that I still love my

Why I Love My Cheating Wife

Any man would have instantly thrown out a cheating wife upon discovery but not I. I love my cheating wife and don’t exactly know why. All I know is that given the choice between being with her or without her, I’ll choose to be with her even if I know she cheats on me.

I would not deny that when I first found out about my wife’s infidelity, I felt anger and disappointment. It did not take long however for such feelings to be replaced by calm acceptance which to my great surprise I didn’t knew I had in me. I have always been overprotective of her, overbearing even at times which I realized suffocated her at some point. I knew I was partly to blame for her cheating and I hope that no extra-marital affair would convince her to leave me, ever.

Is there something wrong with me when I say that I still love my cheating wife?… that there is some amount of excitement in thinking about her infidelity?… of thinking of the possibility that her affairs can be accepted in our marriage? I am aware that my feelings challenge specific norms of society. How do I balance what is right and wrong and still manage to live a life that I want?

It helps that my cheating wife has shown remorse for her actions for I felt she still truly cares for me in spite of the infidelity. We have agreed that we should be communicating more so we can resolve our differences which initially led her to cheat. She became a better wife to me after the cheating but I am not inclined to say that to her face lest she interprets it as an encouragement to cheat.

If I were to be frank about it, a certain part of me feels excited and turned on with the thought of my wife having sexual relations with another man. The truth of the matter is that I’d often find myself fantasizing about it but never acted on it since social standards dictate that it is wrong. None the less, I found myself thinking about the possibility of loving a cheating wife every now and then. I haven’t given it much thought lately until I found out that my wife was cheating on me.

I have not decided whether maintaining an extra-marital affair is acceptable. I’d still often fantasize about it but have prevented myself from being straightforward about it to my wife. I’m probably afraid that I might regret doing so but still I’m sure of one thing, I do love my cheating wife.

I have always loved my wife from the time I knew her. Even at this critical point in our marriage, I could never imagine life without her. Divorce never entered my mind and I hope it doesn’t enter hers either. I am not inclined to subject our family to shame and would rather that we talk things over between us. It makes me cringe to even think that our neighbors will be talking about our separation because my wife cheated. I would rather keep everything under wraps and settle everything within the four walls of our room so even the children will not be affected.

At the back of my mind, I’ve always thought my wife is too good for me. Somehow I feel that I do not deserve her and that it is only because of a fortunate twist of fate that I was given the opportunity to have her as my spouse. Thinking of her infidelity in this aspect makes me want to justify her actions, as surprising as it may sound to others.

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