Sandra Bullock Husband Cheating on His Pretty Wife

Infidelity of Jesse James to Wife, Sandra Bullock: Infidelity Test

The relationship of Sandra Bullock and Jesse James started when Sandra brought her godson to the set of Discovery Channel’s “Monster Garage” where she met Jesse for the first time sometime in December in 2003. They dated for two years and decided to get married on the 16th of July, 2005. The wedding was held in a white tent in Folded Hills Ranch, Gaviota in Santa Barbara, California. The romantic union happened during the sunset. To break away from the conventional limousine, the couple rode in a monster truck that was color red. As Sandra walked slowly down the aisle, the song, “Casta Diva” by Bellini was being played in the background which was a taped recording of her mother who passed away.

Angel Sanchez was the one who designed Sandra’s wedding dress that was made out of lace. Neil Jane, the jeweler crafted her vintage wedding ring. The design of the wedding ring was made out of patterned diamonds intertwined around a ring made out of platinum. On the other hand, Sandra gave Jesse a stainless steel wedding ring. DJ Tony Okungbowa spinned country music during the wedding reception. There was also a performance by the Cousin Lovers. The wedding cake was made by Sandra’s sister, Gesine Prado.

What made the wedding unique was the fact that the newly-wed couple requested all the wedding guests to come in casual attire. Among the celebrity wedding guests were Regina King, Dolph Lundgren, Jason Biggs, Christopher Guest, Constance Marie, Jamie Lee Curtis, James Hetfield and William Shatner. A lot of the guests were under the impression that they were going to attend the 41stbirthday party of Sandra. To their surprise, they were actually attending her wedding. The unconventional celebration was even highlighted by buses parking by the ranch to drop of the guests.

Sandra has made a name for herself in Hollywood by being a philanthroist, director, writer, producer and an actress. She even started Fortis Films in West Hollywood, California. On the other hand, Jesse has a business called West Coast Choppers. He also hosts “Monster Garage” which is shown on Discovery Channel. He is even an ordained minister by the Universal Life Church which allowed him to preside over a wedding ceremony in one of his episodes of “Monster Garage.” Aside from this, he is a generous philantrophist and community benefactor.

In terms their relationship history, Sandra used to date Ryan Gosling, Matthew McConaughey and Guy Forsythe. In 1994, she was engaged to Tate Donovan. Jesse went through two failed marriages before he got married to Sandra. His first wife was known as Carla. While his second wife was Janine Marie Lindemulder, who was an adult film actress and did jail time for six months due to tax evasion. After Jesse and Sandra got married, they decided to adopt a baby in 2010. They named the baby Louis Bardo Bullock. This was another addition to Jesse’s children. He had a child named Jesse James, Jr. and Chadler James with Karla. He also had a child with Janine Lindemulder named Sunny James.

The marriage of Jesse and Sandra started to crumble after Jesse entered a rehabilitation center to sort out his issues and battle his drug, alcohol and sex addiction. It was during this time that the extra-marital affairs of Jesse surfaced and Sandra found out about the five women he had affairs with. Michelle McGee, a model confessed to have had an eleven month affair with Jesse. He also had an affair with Merilee Gerth, Melissa Smith and Brigittie Daguerre.

Shortly after Sandra filed for divorce due to the infidelity of her husband, she decided to adopt a three month old baby boy from New Orleans. Her original plan was to raise the baby with Jesse. However, due to the recent turn of events, she decided to raise the baby on her own. Based on the news items regarding the relationship of Jesse and Sandra, we will notice that their marriage was already doomed from the beginning. The mere fact that Jesse had two failed marriages along with kids from his divorced wives is a clear indicator of his instability and lack of commitment.
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