Sad End of Tiger’s Love Story

The world-renowned professional golfer Tiger Woods is half-Asian, a fourth Native American, and a fourth Dutch. As a child prodigy, he won an Under Age 10 section of Drive, Pitch, and Putt competition in Cypress, California, at the age of three. He won the Junior World Golf Championships for the 9-10 age division at the age of eight. At fifteen, he became the youngest ever to win the US Junior Amateur Championship. He went on to win, as youngest ever, a string of other titles and championships. Stanford University recruited him on a golf scholarship to join the NCAA, and after two years in college, Woods left to become a professional golfer.

Currently, Tiger Woods is said to be the highest paid athlete in the world. He has won the second-highest number of major golf championships—fourteen, to be exact. He also holds has under his belt seventy-one Professional Golfers’ Association Tour wins. Out of the eleven years that the World Golf Championships have been running, Woods has won sixteen events. He has held the number one spot in world rankings for the longest number of weeks. He has also been named Professional Golfers’ Association Player of the Year ten times. Apart from his highly successful career, Woods has also been involved in several charities and youth projects such as the Tiger Woods Foundation and Tiger Woods Learning Center.

With Tiger Woods’ stellar career and generally squeaky clean image he has maintained over the years, one would think Woods and his family were invulnerable to scandals.

Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren met through Jesper Parnevik, a Swedish golfer at The Open Championship in 2001. The two were engaged in November 2003 and subsequently, were married on October 5, 2004. They celebrated their marriage in Barbados and soon thereafter began living in Orlando, Florida. In 2007, the couple had their first child, a daughter, named Sam Alexis Woods. In February of 2009, the couple had their second child, Charlie Axel Woods, a boy this time.

In late 2009 however, just a few months after the birth of their second child, a story came to light that would stain the otherwise healthy public image that Tiger Woods had. Several women reported to the media that they had had sexual affairs with Tiger Woods. Woods initially avoided any comment on the issue. However, after a story came out in Us Weekly publishing evidence of an affair with a San Diego cocktail waitress, Woods had to confront the public. He issued a short and sincere apology, full of regret, asking for forgiveness and privacy to be with his family and resolve the issue themselves. He also announced that he would be taking a hiatus from professional golf. In March 2010 he stated that he would be participating in the Masters 2010 tournament.

Reports were made that Woods has had over one hundred and twenty affairs with other women over his married life.

Many things could have caused the infidelity at such an alarming number. Perhaps a feeling of superiority, that Woods was better than his wife, and thus deserved more benefits, and the opportunities to have sexual relations with other women. Even a feeling of inferiority could bring on the infidelity, feeling as if he were not good enough for his beautiful wife and therefore seeking out someone more in his league. The infidelity could even have been caused by Woods wanting a challenge. There is the thrill of the chase when doing something that is forbidden, something out of the routine of the predictably successful life he was leading.

Jealousy could also be the reason for the extramarital affairs. If Woods’ wife, Nordegren, had her attention focused elsewhere for whatever reason, he could be jealous of the attention lost to him, leading him to ask for attention by engaging in an affair. It also could be caused merely by boredom. Boredom and dissatisfaction with one’s place and state in life could have driven Woods to seek out affairs with others, in an attempt to inject excitement into his life. Finally, another reason that could possibly have caused the infidelity was extrication—Woods wanting to find a way to leave his wife, his marriage, his life that he had gotten tired of or outgrown. Affairs could have been the turning point for his wife, causing her to leave him, instead of the other way around. These, however, are all speculation, and there may be a myriad other reasons for infidelity in any marriage.

If only his model wife, Elin Nordegren, had used an infidelity test kit at any moment of suspicion in their married life, the couple could have saved themselves a lot of heartache and bad publicity, which only led to talk of divorce.

Certainly, with the sheer number of affairs that Tiger Woods engaged in, his wife Elin would have been suspicious on at least one occasion. With an infidelity test kit, she could have found out within minutes whether or not he had truly been unfaithful. All she would needed to have done was swipe the suspicious article of clothing and if she had found copious amounts of semen, she would have had her answer.

If she had confronted her husband earlier, at times of suspicion, she could have prevented the other affairs he would have had. Maybe she could have dealt with the issue privately, without all the meddling by the media. Tiger Woods’ image would not have been so utterly bent out of shape if they were able to address his affairs quietly and in their own home. An infidelity test kit would have been an invaluable tool in the resolving of Woods’ affairs and whatever marital problems that could have been hiding. Now instead, Tiger Woods’ affairs have been splattered all over the news, causing extreme embarrassment to his wife Elin and their family. With an infidelity test kit, such as CheckMate the five minute infidelity test kit, Elin could have caught the problem earlier and snipped it at the bud, before it exploded into the scandal it has become

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