Could Rich and Famous Keeps Monogamous Family?

Infidelity among the Rich and Famous

The rich and famous have established particular notoriety for counting numerous cheaters among their ranks. Does this mean that rich and famous cheaters outnumber the cheaters belonging to a lower rank in wealth and popularity? Not necessarily but their cheating antics certainly get more coverage and attention because of who they are.

People belonging to this group have a certain privilege not enjoyed by many. There are expectations on how they should conduct themselves in public and private life because of the advantages they possess. Apparently, these advantages push them to a state of insensitivity where there they believe that they are beyond any reproach.

Rich and famous cheaters like Tiger Woods, Arnold Schwarzenegger, David Letterman, Jesse James, Kelsey Grammer, John Edwards, and Bill Clinton seemed to have it all – a loving spouse and family, financial stability, prestige, and respect. Everything is there for the taking and take they did including the beautiful women that came with the perks. It is not so much the thought of why these men committed infidelity but rather why they committed infidelity in spite of what they have. They were men who had something to lose and not some insignificant nobody whose infidelity would cause nary a stir except for the woman he cheated.

Aside from thinking that they are exempt from the rules that govern ordinary people like us, many rich and famous cheaters actually get a kick from the whole betrayal process. Scheming and lying as required in cheating give them a sense of excitement like no other. They experience an extraordinary thrill in being able to conceal their infidelity from public view.

To some rich and famous cheaters, maintaining a mistress is a status symbol. There is greater pride in having the most extravagantly maintained mistress since she does not make herself available to just anybody. She is a prize catch among men who prefer to display their objects of conquest.

Rich and famous cheaters can result from pressure from peers. Cheating is seen as a natural thing among men of like interest. It is likewise natural for them to encourage others to do the same.

Affluence allows rich and famous cheaters to have more opportunities to cheat. Cheating opportunities actually come to them because of the magnet of their status and wealth. It is not uncommon for them to find opportunistic mistresses and lovers along the way who can outdo their craftiness.

Since they actually get away with almost anything, rich and famous cheaters tend to believe that they can get away with anything. They have the confidence that they will not get caught. They are also under the notion that in the event that they are caught, they would be able to pay their way out of the sticky situation.

Other rich and famous cheaters are either addicted to sex or have low moral values. Sex addiction requires medical intervention so that a solution can be obtained. Having no problems with finances, a sex addict’s primary obstacle is the willingness to undergo the required process to be better. Low moral values are not fixed by medication but by a willingness to change from within. The desired change also requires a tedious process of discovering respect for one’s self and others. Cheaters with low moral values feel no guilt when cheating since they see no wrong in it anyway.

Should wives of rich and famous cheaters blame themselves for their husbands’ cheating? If we are to study the cases of the personalities mentioned above, it would turn out that there is nothing that their wives could have done to prevent the infidelity. The men’s decision to cheat cannot be traced to their respective wife’s doing or undoing.

There is a possibility that the infidelity may have been prevented from growing into full-blown proportion if detected earlier. The lifestyles of these personalities tend to make it more difficult to detect tell-tale signs since the husbands’ positions are high-profile and require constant interaction with all kinds of people. The wife would usually find it hard to keep track of her husband’s activities since she as the wife has to perform a significant role in the public’s eye. Wives being the last to know of spousal infidelity are quite common. It is such a waste to throw away the good things that the rich and famous cheaters are fortunate to have.

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