Open Marriage Instead of Cheating

Nowadays, there are also many mixed up reaction to the idea of a polygamous family. It has got a point where there is now an associated typecast that the polygamous family is not peaceful, is poverty suffering, and encourages illiteracy. The followers of polygamy are regarded as egotistical, illiterate and uncivilized, and furthermore, there is a fear that there might not be a definite understanding of the pros and cons of this surely sensitive issue.

Therefore, many find it difficult to declare their wish to marry more than one wife for fear of being labeled. But many people believes that polygamy gets with it slight worries and in saying that, specialists suggests steady planning, and the denial of any negative exterior forces intruding in on the families’ life.  It is better to remain determined, and follow a stable agenda, which will in turn allow the souls of the individuals to connect as one.

In saying that, let us not lose sight in identifying some of the problems that polygamy could present; there is the religious legality of the marriage and there is the unfortunate misuse of this right by some men.

So these marriages could be perceived as somewhat a public show of courage, and a display of sincerity within Milton’s community. An offer of hope for a return to certain tribal culture, which have been somewhat driven away by the advancements of globalization, (i.e. values and choices).

  • Mistrust from the one of the wives, who believes love cannot be shared
  • The agony of the jealously among co-wives, which sometimes conveys negative messages to the children.
  • Careless heads of families who are eager for polygamy, but have no real commitment and responsibility to sustain it.
  • External forces, like friends and advisers who take sides to fuel any misunderstanding within the family

Realistically, life is based upon a series of ups and downs and there is a solution for most pressures. Struggling to make life easy in polygamy is a challenge for those involved, and a trial of life which should be regarded as a very important responsibility. There should be no blame placed on the idea of polygamy, if it fails to prosper, as there is no accurate indicator to a successful marriage and furthermore, good family affairs.  Let us also keep in mind that many single marriages can also fail, with partners cheating and reaching serious levels of dishonest behavior, perhaps as a result of constant unhappiness.

Polygamy should not be completely condemned without first assessing its many benefits. One major positive is that it could curb the rise in the number of unmarried women around the world, and increase the number of Muslim children, as well. However those who want to enter in this long term liability must think wisely so as not to abuse and wrongfully represent this sensitive alternative.

Finally, countries that do not recognize polygamy should first evaluate the origins behind the practice, and really make a concise judgment on the overall attributes of marrying more than one wife.

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