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CheckMate Test LLC is an affiliate of Medimpex United Inc.  The leading home semen detection kit is now owned by one of the largest test kit manufacturing companies in America.  This combination will further ensure CheckMate’s leadership in the market.  The product certainly has come a long way from an idea lifted from watching Court TV.  Its phenomenal success as well as the success of similarly developed products such as spying software, certainly speaks a lot about the state of relationships people are having today.  Infidelity has become so prevalent; the society seems to be no longer surprised about illicit relationships of famous people and even people they know personally.

What CheckMate hopes to give to people in doubt is the power to know the truth when they want it.  Most people who are caught up in relationships riddled with suspicions would rather not be in that position if given the choice.  Proving suspicions used to be very difficult and costly with the need to hire private investigators.  Today, people can do their own investigating to find out if their spouses or partners are having sexual activities outside their relationships.  Sexual relations with another appear to be the invisible borderline in relation to determining what is tolerable to an offended partner.  Acts of flirting and mild sexual overtures are typically brushed off as harmless acts but engaging in the sexual act itself with another can still prove too much to bear even to the most liberated people in committed relationships.

The truth as they say sets people free.  It provides a chance for people to get out of bad relationships that only lessen their self worth.  While some would suggest seeing a counselor as the best option to go, such option simply do not work for all.  In order for broken relationships to heal, truth should be laid out in the open.  No amount of counseling can cure a relationship where one insists on carrying on a lie.  Most guilty partners will not readily confess about their acts of infidelity.  CheckMate now makes it possible for people in the receiving end of infidelity to know what is really happening.

Overly suspicious spouses with entirely no basis for their beliefs should be very careful about wanting to prove their doubts.  Innocent spouses can unnecessarily be driven away when they find out that their spouses are having them followed by private investigators, thus invading their privacy.  To quiet a doubting heart without hurting the other, home detection kits can be used.  CheckMate can be used to test the presence of semen in any suspect stain in underwear and other articles of clothing, on the obvious presumption that semen does not get to be there without the occurrence of any sexual activity.  Either way, testers should prepare themselves for the results.

CheckMate can be easily purchased online or the nearest detective store or spy store.  Stores of this nature are reporting brisk sales for the CheckMate product.  By estimate, about 1,000 kits are sold weekly in New York City alone.  Infidelity does not respect any class, ranks or state of wealth as it can happen to anybody.  Men still comprise the majority of testers using CheckMate but the number of women resorting to the use of the kit to catch a cheating husband is steadily increasing.  The days of silent suffering are over.  Both men and women need not leave their relationships and peace of mind to chance.  They can take control of their lives by knowing the truth.  Knowing leads to intelligent decisions which will prove beneficial to both partners including the guilty ones

It is not true that all infidels are happy with what they are doing.  It may be that they may be feeling trapped in a loveless relationship except that they do not know how to say it to their partners.  This being the case doesn’t lessen the culpability of the guilty partner in the emotional sufferings of the other.  Sometimes it is easier to bear the pain of truth than the never ending feeling of uncertainty.

A spouse who wants to get further in finding out the ownership of the semen will need a DNA test conducted.  CheckMate only functions to confirm the presence of semen in a suspect stain and not to point to anyone as its owner.  However, the use of the semen detection kit is advised before opting for the costly DNA test since infidelity is deemed to have occurred when semen is present in the stain.  A DNA test would not require a husband to submit a semen specimen since a simple cheek swab from a person’s mouth can be used to compare the DNA profile and determine a match.  Providing the DNA sample of a suspect person without his or her consent may prove something to the one requesting the test although it may not be legally binding.

CheckMate’s repeat customers are doubting people who really believe that they are being cheated on by their partners.  Not satisfied with negative results, they conduct test regularly to check on their partners.  There are only two reasons why negative results will occur with a CheckMate Semen Detection Kit.  It is either that the guilty spouse is also aware of the CheckMate product and has meticulously made preparations that would help him/her avoid detection or it may be that there is really nothing going on.  The use of the product becomes more beneficial when co-related with suspect activities.

The product’s affordable cost is admittedly one of the main reasons for the popularity of CheckMate.  Although many would like to have the benefit of knowing the truth about their suspicions on their partners, not all can readily shell out the cost for hiring a private investigator or transact with a laboratory testing facility.  Aside from the prohibitive cost, there is also the need for some kind of personal interaction that most people in this sensitive situation shy away from.  This is quite understandable since infidelity is never an easy thing to deal with.  It can shatter a person’s belief in himself/herself for carrying out a real relationship in trust.  Few can escape being caught up in self blame even if the act has been carried out by the partner on his/her own doing and volition.

What makes the subject of infidelity quite confusing is the fact that it can happen for the most serious reasons or actually nothing at all except to seize an opportunity to engage in sexual activity when it was available.  Men are notorious with the latter kind which psychologists try to explain as the basic nature of man.  Women’s infidelity is more related to emotional issues such as lack of attention or appreciation from the spouse although many women are known to have engaged in it for purely physical satisfaction as well.

The bottom line is that infidelity is not exclusive to a certain gender, age group, social class or nature of job.  No one is exempted from the possibility of being involved in extra marital relationships.  However, it is the person himself/herself who will decide to get involved.  Some argue that they were not in the proper condition to know what is right or wrong when it happened such as when one is in a state of drunkenness.  Although it is true that people may lose control in such situations, people can still control the events before such situation arises.  Many relationships have gone to waste for one single act of infidelity that could have been avoided.

A whole cycle of lies can result from infidelity with the participating partner going to great lengths to cover up his/her indiscretion.  But no matter how carefully planned the actions are, there are bound to be slip-ups that could provide clues to the real situation.  The offended partner should be wary of extended hours in the job especially when there is no obvious increase in the take home pay as compared to the number of hours supposedly used for additional work.  Unfamiliar numbers registering frequent incoming or outgoing calls and the suspiciously husked tones or preference to take a call outside where no one is within earshot should be further investigated.  Uncharacteristic and sudden concern for appearance even for supposed short distance errands may be signs of efforts to look good for a specified member of the opposite sex.  Clues are actually limitless and not every clue will prove infidelity.

Since one definite proof of infidelity is engaging in sexual activities outside established relationships, it can be confirmed by the presence of semen in underwear of the suspected partner.  There will probably no logical explanation for the presence of semen in a person’s most private articles of clothing other than participation in the sexual act.  CheckMate as the number one semen detection kit in the industry has helped thousands of people prove or disapprove their doubts.

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