Why do I lke to share my wife with other guys?

Willingly Sharing My Wife

Society in general appears to have a problem with men who “share” their wives to other men. Moral standards frown on such practice as unacceptable and an extreme deviation of what monogamous marriages should be. I would have to beg to disagree because I definitely love to share my wife.

Sharing my wife has done wonders for our marriage. It might be difficult for some to believe that we have found a way to create extraordinary excitement with this kind of arrangement. My wife is totally into it after we have cleared certain apprehensions of the possible outcome. We agreed that we are doing this not for the purpose of finding another partner in life but as a way to create variation in our married life to help keep us together.

Although I love to share my wife, I do not have a particular desire to have other sexual partners as well. Suffice it to say that I would do it if my wife asks me to for her enjoyment. This arrangement we have provided ourselves is similar to the swinging lifestyle where partner swapping for the purpose of engaging in sexual activities with other couples is utilized as a social or recreational activity.

For those wondering about the reasons why I love to share my wife, I would readily admit that I get the distinct pleasure of seeing her with other men. We do have an unwritten rule that her sexual activities outside our marriage should be to known to me and vice-versa. Believe it or not, we feel cheated on if a sexual activity occurred without the other’s express approval and knowledge. We sense a distinct danger in anyone of us going through it alone due to the high probability of forming emotional attachments with another. As a social or recreational activity, sharing a spouse has its own rules to adhere to so that “fidelity” to the spouse is maintained. It is clear to both of us that entertaining exclusive attention from any of the men I have shared her with is tantamount to infidelity which can greatly affect our own relationship. Wife sharing or wife swapping has been known to exist since the 1500s. Taking great pleasure in the seduction of wives of other men has been a preoccupation of a good number of men during early times. Modern technology made it easier to look for like-minded people related to sexual practice through the use of the Internet. In fact it was through information gathered online that I realized I was not alone in loving to share my wife.

Websites that specifically cater to couples or individuals in serious commitments, interested in establishing ties with other couples or individuals for the purpose of participating in sexual activities are many. We have come to know many people who will likewise attest how wife sharing greatly improved their marriages. Some encountered certain challenges such as jealousy and low self-esteem. I for one will not encourage any couple to practice wife-sharing if the husband would feel jealous or the wife will suffer low-self-esteem in the process. Not all men can say he loves to share his wife since this arrangement is only for those who are open and accepting of its expected consequences.

A man like me who loves to share his wife needs to be in an exceptionally solid and strong relationship if he expects to be married to the same woman after willingly participating in wife-sharing. Wife-sharing does not only bring excitement to a marriage, it also brings stress and pressure. Thus, a long problematic marriage cannot be cured by a wife-sharing set-up for it can only widen the cracks that have already surfaced in the relationship. This extraordinary arrangement is not for the faint-hearted since it would ultimately affect human emotions which cannot be always be directed and subdued.

Wife-sharing practitioners like us need not resort to lying to get sexual activity with other people aside from us. I would like to believe that we have successfully prevented the existence of any extra-marital relationships through this option. At least to us and the other couples we know, wife-sharing does work. I love to share my wife and am not ashamed of it.

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