Life with Cheating Partner

The Cheating Partner

Having a cheating partner is one of the most difficult challenges faced in marriage.  This is because spousal cheating deals with the betrayal of the very person who is supposed to provide care, support, and love in life.  When deceit and pain are given instead, marriage becomes a heavy burden to carry.

There is not a single mold that fits all cheating partners.  Some unintentionally cheat and stop outright upon realizing their grave mistake.  Others will continue to cheat until the truth is discovered by the spouse.  Still others will treat cheating as a natural part of life until it becomes a style of living rather than a problem area in marriage.

A probable cheating partner is not readily identified based on appearance, gender, position or nationality.  Certain behavioral manifestations as well as moral views can provide clues of what to expect from a future partner.  Making some research on the personal background of a prospective spouse can save a person from a life of misery and betrayal.

It can happen that people will still find themselves married to a cheating partner in spite of best efforts to avoid such a situation.  It is very possible that a person with no record of cheating will cheat during the marriage.  There is no assurance that cheating will never occur in the absence of any precedence.

A person married to a cheating partner has two basic options to consider which is to leave the marriage or save it.  The final choice is a personal one that needs to be determined especially by the offended spouse in the light of circumstances surrounding the infidelity.  A cheated spouse who feels that forgiveness is possible would most probably try to save the marriage.  Otherwise, divorce is a more likely option.

There is no hope in a cheating partner who recognizes the mistake at his/her own accord.  There is none for cheaters who believe that they have the right to do whatever they want for their own convenience and gratification.  A faithful spouse who continues to live with an unrepentant cheating spouse can expect to live a life filled with doubts and suspicions.

Traditionally, a cheating partner would probably be the husband.  It is no longer true today as more and more women are finding themselves involved in extra-marital relationships.  Women however, generally remain faithful in a fulfilled relationship, in contrast to men who more easily give in to physical temptation regardless of whether or not they are in a happy relationship or not.

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