Know If Your Husband is Cheating

Some women have the special gift of knowing for sure if their husbands are cheating simply by looking at them and equally adept at squeezing out a confession without much trouble. Unfortunately, many women have no such luck and have to catch a cheating spouse by exerting more effort and producing evidence of the infidelity. Cheaters in general will not volunteer any information whatsoever that will establish their guilt.

There is one thing that a cheating husband cannot do without and that is lying. He lies about his whereabouts, he lies about who he’s with, he lies about the nature of his activities, and he lies about his time. While infidelity is still on the “preparatory” stage, he will start out with small lies that would allow him to initiate contact with his object of attraction. Prospective cheaters may not be primarily conscious of their own intentions but will manifest the desire to be more attractive for a particular person.

Depending on the progress of his intentions, a prospective cheating husband will fabricate more lies to continuously create more chances of interaction with the target person. It is during this time that the man should take a moment to stop and think of the consequences of his actions as it becomes clear that he is not just pursuing a harmless attraction but is actually acting on the opportunity which can lead to infidelity.

It doesn’t matter if the other person is doing the pursuing, what matters is how he handles the situation. Infidelity is the result when two adults agree to take a relationship into a romantic level. Their decision need not be clearly cut out in words and can simply be implied by their actions.

A cheating husband will manifest signs of behavioral and physical changes. There are no hard-fast rules regarding signs except that they usually represent a deviation from what is considered regular or routine to the suspected cheater. Doubting wives can catch a cheating husband by recognizing these signs as they are presented.

Signs can be obvious but they can also be subtle. Wives should not merely concentrate on noticeable signs since these are signs that are usually covered up on the onset of infidelity. Everyone has a pretty good idea of what a cheating husband is supposed to be doing, thus an actual cheating husband would take pains to act differently from a typical cheater. It is the subtle signs that are more telling since they are usually taken for granted by most cheaters because of their seeming lack of relevance in the whole picture of infidelity. This is where cheaters often err which allows resourceful wives to catch a cheating husband.

A cheating husband would almost always try to compensate for his infidelity by being more attentive to the family and spouse especially at public occasions like family gatherings. Wives however, have the unique advantage of being able to tell whether a husband is actually becoming distant, physically and emotionally. A cheating husband can be physically present while his mind is somewhere else. Usually, only the wife can tell the difference.

A very secretive husband is a cause of concern for any wife. When he is unable to freely share his activities, his work, and his friends with the family, chances are, the wife can possibly catch a cheating husband. Although surrendering privacy is not absolute even in marriage, spouses are expected to share a reasonable part of themselves which can help cultivate trust in the relationship. Withholding information regularly shared by couples is highly suspicious and supports the thinking that a spouse is hiding something big such as infidelity.

Wives do not particularly savor the thought of catching a cheating husband but signs that indicate infidelity should not be ignored. A cheating husband can be as blatantly obvious as a prototype cheater or as cunningly subtle as an experienced serial cheater. It is up to the wife to detect the difference that will confirm the fact that she is dealing with a cheating husband.

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