Hyper Sexuality As A Reason For Marital Infidelity

Hyper sexuality is a form of sexual addiction having a physical and emotional facet. It is closely related to having a bipolar personality connected with extreme highs and lows. A hypersexual typically engages in sexual behaviors that are ordinarily perceived as unhealthy or self-jeopardizing in order to achieve a certain high that is immediately followed by an extremely low feeling that tends to disconnect them from others. Emotions would range from guilt, being unclean or the feeling of having used someone.
Hyper sexuality often occurs in men more than women and is manifested by an obvious increased need for sexual gratification including obsessive sexual fantasies, frequent masturbation, lessened inhibitions, and engaging in a lot of sexual activity usually inclined towards that taboo variety or the extremely naughty. It can come about in relation to a mood or obsessive disorder, as a side effect of some form of medication or a neurological condition. Hyper sexuality however is still differentiated from sexual addiction in terms of severity and scope.
People dealing with personal hyper sexuality have a tendency to lose control and act compulsively even at the risk of adversely affecting their job, health and marriage. Because of their tendency to engage in masturbation, patronize establishments that are sexually-oriented or engage in destructive behavior such as exhibitionism or voyeurism, they also have the greater tendency to engage in sex with multiple partners or even with sex workers. Married hypersexuals may be unable to help themselves from cheating their spouses.
Cheating can be very costly when cheating hypersexuals frequent online porn sites, engage in phone sex calls or seek out prostitutes. Spouses of hypersexual people may have to deal not only with excessive demands for sex but also with financial problems and infidelity. Extramarital affairs are almost always a consequence of sexual desires that cannot be fulfilled even by the most loving partner.
Cheating because of hyper sexuality may be more risky and daring because of the compulsive need for instant gratification. Sometimes, there is not much time to contemplate on the intricacies of hiding acts of infidelity when the concentration for the moment is getting more sex as possible. A person with a compulsive behavior problem such as a hyper sexuality loses the ability to control his/her action and will continue the behavior even at the risk of receiving dire consequences. The time for thinking only happens when everything has been said and done in the name of sexual gratification. Sadly, every act only adds to the dissatisfaction felt by the hypersexual.
Spouses of hypersexuals face a bigger challenge than others who have doubts about the fidelity of their partners. They need to deal with a psychiatric condition which is giving their partners extreme emotional discomfort. Hypersexuals typically use sexual activity to provide them relief from such discomfort. They are known to have dumped the person they love and their family in search of an elusive satisfaction.
Bipolar infidelity or acts of infidelity by a spouse usually during the manic cycle of his/her condition can also happen during the depression cycle. The partner needs to know what triggers this on his/her spouse. Communication is the only way to overcome infidelity especially in dealing with hyper sexuality.

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