How I Discover Infidelity and Catch My Cheating Wife

Discovering Infidelity

After coming from a high school reunion last week, I felt quite depressed hearing of my friends’ stories of broken marriages and families. Most of them happened after catching a cheating spouse. This led me to thinking about how one gets to catch a cheating spouse nowadays.

1. Heart-to-Heart Talk

Relationship psychologists say that the key to resolving problems pertaining to infidelity or just about all other marital aspects is having an honest to goodness talk between partners. They also say that this would lead to a better understanding of the underlying issues leading to the eventual and lasting mending of relationships. I personally believe that this is the preferred action for people intent on truly reversing the effect of spousal cheating. This is truly the path to take for couples trying to avoid the occurrence of infidelity in their relationships as well as those who sincerely seek the restoration of damaged relationships.

I am willing to bet though that even the most seasoned psychologists will bring out their white flags of surrender if they are dealing with caught cheaters who show no remorse or regret for their actions and continue to abuse existing relationships by repetitive acts of infidelity. Even spouses who will stand by their marriage even if continuously being on the receiving end of acts of infidelity are becoming quite scarce, and rightly so. How about cheating husbands or wives who choose to deny and hide rather than come out clean? Is there a way to accomplish a real heart-to-heart talk with this kind of cheaters? I cannot comprehend how a relationship can be fixed when something is being held back and to think that counseling sessions do not come cheap.

2. Private Investigation

Hiring the services of a private investigator is a very costly option. At least 3 of my high school friends attested to this since they chose this option to catch a cheating spouse. Gathering evidences took a number of months, adding to the stress of waiting and the increasing professional fee for the investigators. When asked why they choose to wait that long rather than confronting their spouses for the truth, all were one in saying that it was not easy making life-changing decisions in the absence of any proof of actual sexual activity. It was as if that infidelity is only consummated by a sexual activity between one’s spouse and a third party.

Gathering of physical evidence for the occurrence of sexual activity outside a marriage can be especially difficult even for the most experienced investigators. Photographs of small acts of intimacy can still be “excused” by many spouses and may not be enough to encourage them to take action – such as file for divorce. Unless investigators plant hidden cameras to document the act, sexual relationships can be difficult to prove.

One thing that caught my attention was what one of them said. She said that even up to the present when her divorce proceedings has been over and done with, she cannot help but remember the great discomfort and embarrassment in having to talk about the activities of her cheating husband with another person even if he was the investigator. These was something so humiliating about discussing her cheating husband’s possible and actual sexual activities, down to the very last detail; even for the sake of legal proceedings. She wished she just used a home semen-detection kit to save her from such misery and expenses.

3. Home Semen Detection Kit

A victim of a cheating spouse can find out the truth in a much simpler and cost effective way. Through home semen detection kits, doubting spouses can confirm sexual activity of their partners where there should be none, being the best person to know. I decided to contact my friend who shared her misgivings in not opting for this alternative to better understand this option.

It was a good call on my part to contact her as it turned out that she and a number of her personal friends had actual and extensive use of the product. I conducted five separate interviews for different people, two males and three females. Through these interviews, I got to understand and test the product for myself.

These five had particular preference for the Checkmate 5 Minute Infidelity Test Kit because of the fast and accurate results, easy procedure, and reasonable price. Of these five, only two caught a cheating spouse, the other three got the confirmation of faithfulness which they badly needed. This is indeed a very interesting product.

To satisfy my curiosity, I bought the CheckMate 5 Minute Infidelity Test Kit (Free 2nd Test in 1 Box) and conducted some tests of my own. With some willing donors for semen, saliva, mucus, and other bodily fluids, I obtained positive results from tests that used semen and negative results for other test substances. It was actually kinda neat to now that we have options such as this today. It would be a lot better if the owner can be identified as well. CheckMate cannot perform this test but you could have a DNA Test. Oh well, that’s another interesting product to review…

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