Dealing with cheating spouse surveillance

Infidelity Surveillance

Surveillance is the act of watching or maintaining a close watch on a particular area or person/s. It has been traditionally used in proving spousal infidelity. Spying for the spouse requires specific actions that will allow it to be carried out without detection from the subject of surveillance.

Doubting spouses can initially carry out their own investigative activities to determine if there are sufficient reasons that will warrant professional investigation. They can make an assessment based on manifested signs of infidelity. A full-blown infidelity is usually detected with a combination of signs and circumstances.

Spying for the spouse is always carried out discreetly if it is expected to provide concrete results. Following a spouse can either produce a negative or positive answer. The decision of whether or not to hire a professional investigator would depend on the expected use of the gathered evidence. Fault-Divorce proceedings would require evidence that comply with legal acceptability rules. Not all surveillance results are deemed acceptable specifically those that have been obtained in violation of the inherent rights of the subject. Close coordination between a legal counsel and the private investigator is essential in this aspect.

Spouses who feel that they are dealing with a cheating spouse can conduct surveillance activities with the help of a close friend or relative using an unmarked car. Destinations, activities, and schedules are confirmed in the same manner that lies and betrayals are discovered. Spying for the spouse can be very painful especially for those who find themselves face to face with the evidence of their spouse’s cheating.

Before embarking on a full-blown surveillance mission, comparison parameters must first be established. Preparation would include establishing the suspect spouse’s routine as to time, location, nature of activity, and personalities involved in every destination. Since the focus will be on spotting the deviations, it is necessary to know what constitutes normalcy in a person’s day-to-day activities.

Spying for the spouse may require the use of specific gadgets and equipments such as cameras, listening devices, and tracking devices. It is important of course to know how to use these equipments properly. This is the reason why most people prefer to hire the services of a professional investigator. The most advanced equipment will be of no use without proper handling. Surveillance work can also be carried without leaving the home. PC monitoring is the best way to find out about infidelity that has an online trail. The software installed is designed to be undetectable by the suspect user. Monitoring will reveal every action performed in the computer, including emails and visited websites. It only needs a single command to remove the software.

Easily disguised as everyday objects, listening devices can be placed in the home, car or any place where possible recording of incriminating conversation can be obtained. A vehicle tracker can take the place of tailing the subject since it reveals the whereabouts of the suspect spouse at any given time. The track is able to provide a complete history of the cheater’s movements. When all personal efforts fail to produce results and suspicion persists, it is about time to get the services of a professional investigator. Previous investigative work of the suspicious spouse will still have its use as a starting point for a professional’s job. A professional surveillance activity usually includes observation of physical activities and daily routine, identification of associates and persons of interest, and providing physical proof of surveillance results, if any.

There are certain risks associated with spying for the spouse. A doubting spouse has to be sensitive to the dictates of the situation in deciding whether to push further or back down. The accompanying emotional stress can be very high at this time and it will undoubtedly be one of the most difficult moments in any marriage. Investigators should take care not to be over-zealous in their approach lest the subject is unduly alerted. An alert cheater hides infidelity more effectively and makes discovery more difficult than it should be.

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