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Ending the Nightmare of Uncertainty

Suspicion and doubt stemming from infidelity between spouses can wreck havoc on a person’s state of physical and mental well-being, whether warranted or not.  This is a problem that can only be stopped by a foolproof evidence of guilt or non-guilt.  Due to the sensitivity of the issue involved, it helps that the test can be performed in the privacy of one’s home.

A revolutionary home use forensic test for semen detection known as CheckMate has been available around the world since 1999.  It is able to instantly detect traces of dried semen that is usually found in underwear after sex.  A CheckMate semen detection kit can be used to test from 5 to 10 items and comes with a free second test kit.  It can be used on any type or color of material without damaging or staining the item in any way.

Doubting spouses or partners can get an instant yes or no answer from CheckMate, ending the nightmare of not knowing.


A New Aid in Investigation

Police authorities and investigators now have a new tool which they can use in their investigation works wherein determining the actual occurrence of sexual intercourse is critical such as sexual assault cases.  Most people contemplating ending their marriages due to their partners’ infidelity also usually need a positive proof before making the final decision.  CheckMate provides the finality which surveillance photographs, audio transcripts and written reports may not be able to give.  While the proven presence of semen on garments can be the deciding factor for filing a civil action by clients, investigators can use CheckMate as a professional examination tool that is quick and efficient.


CheckMate under New Ownership

CheckMate, the popular and easy-to-use infidelity test kit is a registered trademark of Evergreen Industries LLC.  Serving pharmacies, spy stores, investigating agencies, health stores and medical establishments, the company also made the kit available to individual customers.  When ordered online using a check, debit or credit card, the charge appears only as Evergreen with absolutely no mention of the product or website.

Privacy of customers is further protected as the kit is delivered in generic packaging as provided by the U.S. Post Office.  The package is delivered to mailboxes and never to post office boxes.  Customers can also have the package delivered to the UPS location nearest him.  Standard delivery time is 2 to 3 days by Priority Mail while the international delivery option is available to those ordering from another country.

Evergreen Industries LLC prioritizes its customers’ privacy and ensures that they will not be included in any mailing list or promotional activity that would threaten such privacy.  Customer service professionals are available to assist in any inquiry or purchase.  The company is based in Seattle, Washington and has a Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating of A in a scale of A+ to F.


Checkmate Test Options to Increase

Notwithstanding the many proven uses of the CheckMate Infidelity Test Kit, Evergreen Industries still seek to increase the variety of test options offered by the product.  It is designed to be of use to doubting men and women to end the exhausting phase of uncertainty in relationships.  CheckMate has also proven its worth in investigative procedures both for civil and criminal cases.

Doubting men will have their confirmation courtesy of the normal cleansing action in the female body called the flowback.  For up to and around 72 hours after unprotected sexual intercourse, small amounts of the male semen is secreted resulting to dried stains in the woman’s underwear, even after showering.  The man performing the test should however abstain from having sexual intercourse with the woman to be tested for at least 7 days to make sure that he will not detect himself.  CheckMate can also be used on panty liners.  .

Doubting women on the other hand can use the test on suspicious stains associated with suspicious activities such as a late night-out.  The CheckMate Ultra Violet Stain Locator Black Light helps to isolate suspected stains on large areas.


The Warning Signs of Infidelity

Unexplained extended business trips, uncharacteristic changes in schedules and activities to involve members of the opposite sex, soiled undergarments, starchy stains, frequent changes of underwear for a considerably short period of time are not exactly solid proofs of infidelity but they are certainly signs that something is amiss somewhere.  Without any foolproof test that would establish the occurrence of actual sexual intercourse, these signs may forever appear as signs that never get proven.  Suspicious spouses or partners may find it hard or impossible to obtain confessions from a guilty partner unless cornered with reliable evidence such as the CheckMate results.


Professional Testing Done for You

The CheckMate Infidelity Test Kit has been designed to be used with ease by untrained consumers in the comfort of their own homes.  However, for people who would rather not perform the test themselves, professional testing by a Board Certified PhD can be done.  At a cost of $ 149.00, suspect stains on garments can be tested.  A consent form shall be sent to the customer through the specified email which should be printed, signed and returned together with the garment for testing.  Test results shall be relayed to the specified telephone number or email address.

Customers wanting to make use of this service are required to air dry the evidence before packing.  Items of evidence should not come in contact with each other and should be placed in separate paper bags or envelopes.  Initial payment must be received before the tests are performed.  The chosen shipping method for online orders is “Priority Mail”.  Customers are also highly encouraged to use the live chat system in making inquiries.


Handling Evidence

Dried semen on a garment can stay and be tested after many years but only under the right conditions.  Customers can easily and safely store suspect articles in a paper bag at normal room temperature while waiting for the requested CheckMate test kit to arrive.  It should be noted that semen stains can be removed from clothing by washing.

The use of condoms generally prevent having semen stains on garments thus using the CheckMate test kit may not be practicable.  The infidelity test kit is especially used for already discovered suspicious stains.

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