CheckMate Begins A New Product

CheckMate Test LLC comes forward as the new owner of the number one Infidelity Test Kit in the country – CheckMate.

Amidst the mystery of who shall take over the ownership of CheckMate when Evergreen Industries, Inc. announced its intention to sell out, CheckMate Test LLC formally came out to claim it.  An affiliate of Medimpex United Inc. based in Bensalem, Pennsylvania, the new company is backed by one of the largest test kit manufacturing companies in America.  Clearly, CheckMate Test LLC holds the advantage over its competitors for acquiring rights to the leading semen detection kit in the country.

CheckMate practically started the semen detection test industry when it was introduced in 1999.  Developed based on the founder’s strong belief in a partner’s right to know , the detection kit is basically premised on confirming sexual activity outside established relationships by providing proof that semen or traces of it is found in the suspected partner’s underwear.  The result of the CheckMate is unassailable when the suspecting partner confirms that there is no way he/she could not have had participation in such sexual act.  CheckMate either confirms or disproves suspicions to allow testing partners to make sound decisions.

The semen detection kit is composed of a solution of sodium phosphate, maleic acid, dye fast blue salt, naphthyl acid phosphate and water that comes with a solution dispenser and absorbent paper.  Each kit contains two bottles of liquid transfer medium, two bottles of CheckMate reaction component, ten lift trace papers, two packaged applicators, frequently asked questions sheet as well as complete and detailed instruction sheet.

The testing procedure is quite easy to follow.  Using the supplied dropper, the tester has to wet the suspected stain with 1 to 2 drops of the liquid contained in Bottle Number 1.  Once the liquid has soaked into the fabric, the entire wetted area should be blotted using one of the supplied papers by gently pushing down in different places, making sure that the paper is thoroughly wetted.  This particular step aims to transfer the semen, if any, from the material being tested to the blotting paper.  While the paper is being allowed to dry, 10 ml of the liquid from Bottle Number 1 is mixed with the contents of Bottle Number 2.  Shaking for at least 30 seconds will ensure complete mixing.

The last step is the most critical and involves a certain amount of precision which can be provided by the use of a regular timer or the seconds’ hand of a watch.  When the blotting paper has dried, 1 to 3 drops of the mixture should be placed on it.  The confirmation of the presence of semen is signaled by the appearance of a deep purple color within fifteen (15) seconds or less.  Any change on color on the paper beyond that time is considered a negative result.

There is no need to worry about staining the material to be tested since the substance that will touch it is distilled water from Bottle Number 1.  This is the reason for the need to transfer the specimen to the blotting paper to be tested.  If in case staining of the material is not an issue, testers can place the fluid mixture directly into the suspected stain or area.  It is actually a very simple test that can provide life changing results.

So what is so important about proving the presence of semen in suspect materials?  It is quite simple really.  The presence of semen proves the occurrence of a sexual act which becomes highly controversial with the non-participation of the usual and expected partner.  Common sense dictates that the occurrence of a sexual act without the participation of the husband, wife or established partner points to the likelihood of an extra-marital affair or illicit relationship. The CheckMate results gives people the power to know the truth if they want to.

CheckMate was carefully developed to provide the option of knowing to people who believe that they are at the receiving end of acts of infidelity.  Because of the very sensitive nature of its function as well as the critical bearing of its results to lives of people, CheckMate has been rigorously tested and laboratory proven before being offered in the market as early as 1999.

No competitor has ever come close to its track record established in the semen detection industry.  Even with the standing offer of 100% Money Back Guarantee Without Questions Asked, not one from the thousands of customers worldwide that have tried it had come out to lay claim on such guarantee.  This would clearly show that CheckMate has consistently managed to live up to its promised performance.  Customers will always have a way of checking CheckMate’s accuracy by conducting side-by-side testing using controlled samples that should provide the expected results.

CheckMate is especially useful when doubting spouses need to clarify a suspect stain that he/she can associate with a suspect activity.  Without anyone knowing, the test can be carried out in the easiest manner and in the privacy of one’s home.  Not even the person being tested will know, unless of course the tester decides on a confrontation armed with the obtained results.  Dried semen can and will stay on the material until it is laundered, as long as the material is stored at normal room temperature.   Carefully stored suspect items can still be tested even after a number of years.  Typical CheckMate testers however consist of people intent on testing recently discovered suspect stains.

As the experience of CheckMate buyers have proven, the possible places where semen can be discovered are quite many.  The most preferred item for testing is the underwear because of the normal body processes of both the male and female body after sexual activity.  While women experience flowback which is the secretion of small amounts of the man’s semen after unprotected sex, men also have continuous secretions for up to two hours after sex.  These secretions are deposited in underwear and remains locked in its fibers until it is laundered.  A little imagination should be put to work by the tester if the persons sought to be tested used condoms.  While condom use can prevent semen from entering a women’s body, traces of the semen may possibly be detected in other articles of clothing or bed sheets.  Panty liners can also be tested as well as suspect stains on upholstery.  False positive results are not possible with the use of the CheckMate since the product is specifically designed to react only to semen by detecting a certain enzyme that is found in ultra elevated levels only in the male prostrate gland.  Checkmate is intended to be a tool for finding the truth that is not to be used irresponsibly.  Doubting partners can use the product not only to prove a person’s guilt but also his/her innocence when there is really nothing going on.

Stories of infidelity are so many that one may actually feel that no relationship is exempt from its threat.  Infidelity attacks the shortest to the longest maintained relationships.  The manner by which these acts are carried out may vary but all acts result to shattered trust and peace of mind.  People can make believe there is nothing wrong with their relationship or they can find out the truth through CheckMate.

Buyers of products such as CheckMate require privacy and confidentiality in their transactions.  This is but natural considering the nature of the situation in which it is to be used.  CheckMate Test LLC guarantees that all its customers are given the privacy they rightfully deserve.   The product can be ordered online through a secure website.  It gets delivered in a generic shipping box that would provide no clue to its contents either to the delivery personnel or neighbor.

CheckMate kits have a shelf-life of one (1) year.  All items have been shrink-wrapped and safety-sealed to ensure customers of product integrity and long life.  It is now being used not only by people plagued with suspicions about their respective partners but also by law enforcement agencies, professional investigators and laboratories all over the world.  CheckMate is also a regular feature in spy and trade shows.  Ordinary consumers can now become their own investigators without the risk of exposing their doubts unnecessarily.  The CheckMate Infidelity Test Kit, although a product in its own league, is now included in the wide range of home test kits offered by Medimpex United Inc.  Through CheckMate Test LLC, the CheckMate product is ensured of continuous development and improvement.

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