Cheating Wives and Female Infidelity

Here Comes the Cheating Wives

The number of cheating wives is on an all-time high. As infidelity statistics would indicate, the cheating wives have equalized the game with cheating husbands in terms of number. Some observers have brought forward the possibility that female cheaters actually outnumber their male counterparts with the propensity of male respondents to inflate their extra-marital escapades and the tendency of female respondents to minimize theirs.

In spite of the startling revelation of statistical data, cheating wives appear not to be too eager to reveal the details of their infidelity. Even if most would rather not talk about it, cheating wives are as real as can be. A cheating wife does not have a particular description or profile. She can be your best friend, your sister or your daughter, but worse of all, she can be your cheating wife.

There are two main factors responsible for the rise of female infidelity. These are need and opportunity. The need has always been there since the beginning of time. Women have always sought love, affection, attention, appreciation, support, and respect from their spouses. Advances in technology and the modern times have not succeeded in removing these needs. In fact, these needs have been recognized as valid human needs that can be sought as well by men.

The main difference between now and then is the level of opportunity available to women. The primary provider of this opportunity to possible cheating wives is the workplace where interaction with men of interest is most possible. Armed with newly-found financial independence, women are given more control of their finances, their time and their decisions. The picture of the full-time homemaker whose only concern is the home and family is fading, steadily being replaced by a highly accomplished career woman who is responsible only to herself. Child-bearing is postponed indefinitely, making it a lot easier to jump in affairs without having to think of innocent casualties of infidelity. In this age of self-gratification where much emphasis is placed on providing happiness to one’s self, men and women alike feel entitled to act on their urge at the very first sign of inconvenience. Thus, a husband who inadvertently fails to address his wife’s need for emotional support might just turn out to be the culprit when the wife decides to find the required support from another man. Instead of finding ways to get a solution within the marriage, cheating wives seek their solution outside.

Infidelity per se is never a solution. Some couples may have found their solution after being brutally awakened by the cheating acts of one, but infidelity compounds the problem even more. A marital conflict that started out due to lack of support of one is worsened when couples are forced to face another issue specifically in the trust aspect. The perceived lack of support may be being done unknowingly but how does a cheating spouse claim innocence for betraying a spouse through an extra-marital affair? Many cheating wives have discovered for themselves how difficult it is to bring back the trust they have destroyed by their betrayal. Problematic wives are cautioned over and over again to think many times over before they end up as cheating wives because of the expected repercussion especially where there are children to consider. Neglectful husbands are reminded that their actions may be driving their wives away straight in to the arms of another man. Some women may just find their unfulfilled needs so compelling as to act on it to the great detriment of the marriage. A truly frustrated wife can develop an extreme emotional connection to the man who has fulfilled her needs that she can literally throw caution and common sense to the wind just to pursue the relationship.

Cheating wives are not to be commended but to many of them, their reasons appear valid. This belief does not erase in any way the mistake committed. At best, real reasons provide insights that can help similarly-affected couples avoid infidelity before it is too late. On a lighter note, there remain many women who are undergoing marital difficulties but refuse to succumb to the temptation. A cheating wife may see infidelity as a refuge from the perceived “hells” of marriage. She may be wanting of something, taking revenge on a cheating husband, or simply chasing the thrill that infidelity brings. One thing is sure though, cheating wives feel a certain critical lack in their marriage to go through with infidelity.

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