Cheating Signs to Watch Out For

It could start innocently enough. A man asks his wife weird questions like “Will you cheat on me if given the chance?” or “Do you think we will ever get a divorce?” When the wife acts surprised or doubtful, the man quickly adds that those are just rhetoric questions. It may be nothing or the man may just be sizing up his wife’s reaction if she ever discovers that he is cheating on her. A spouse who may be trying to get a sense of what to expect when cheating is discovered is just one of the many signs of infidelity to watch out for.

Signs of infidelity can vary as much as the personalities of the people doing them. Some signs appear normal enough until they are done by people who don’t usually do them. When this happens, warning bells should be sounding off right there and then in the heads of doubting spouses. A full-blown infidelity often starts with no such intention but happens just the same because of the combined action of prevailing circumstances.

Infidelity requires two consenting persons for it to happen. These two characters may consist of people who are both seeking fulfillment of a need that is perceived as lacking in their respective relationships. The players may also consist of a neglectful spouse, a neglected spouse, and an available third party. The circumstances may be different between cases of infidelity but always there is that underlying need for something. Before anyone realizes it, signs of infidelity are showing and are wrecking havoc on the relationship and on the minds of the affected spouses.

Couples should not wait before it becomes too late so they should look out for the common signs of infidelity if they are to have the chance to save their marriage. Some signs may have different reasons for manifesting themselves but it makes sense to rule out infidelity whenever possible just to maintain the peace in marriage. It does not hurt to investigate unusual occurrence as long as it is done discreetly without exposing an innocent spouse to shame and ridicule.

Signs of infidelity can be physical in nature. Extreme attention to appearance where such concern has been previously non-existent is one such sign. Related to this is the sudden interest in extra-curricular activities that does not involve the spouse. Cheating spouses may unknowingly bring home physical evidences such as a smell of a different perfume, unusual marks on the body, or lipstick smudges on clothes. Most cheating spouses would go directly to the shower upon coming home to get rid of physical signs.

Possible sources of proof of infidelity include receipts from hotels and restaurants, contraception, and car mileage discrepancy. Cheating spouses typically do not part with their mobile phones for fear that calls that are sought to be hidden will be answered by the spouse. Some even maintain a separate mobile phone exclusively used for the paramour to avoid making mistakes that would expose the infidelity. A definite cause for alarm is when a spouse is observed to be removing the wedding ring when he/she is outside the home. No one does this except if he/she wants to be represented as someone who is unattached in the eyes of members of the opposite sex.

There are signs of infidelity that cannot be seen but are as real like any other sign. Leading the list is the gut feeling that a spouse is hiding something. This feeling usually cannot be fully explained but tends to persist until acted upon. The cheating spouse would seem to have his/her own world where extreme privacy with personal belongings, correspondence, and phone calls exist. Even his/her whereabouts and schedule become unclear to the spouse, creating confusion as to where he/she can be contacted. Cheating spouses are usually unreachable when engaged in some illicit activity, citing reasons such as loss of phone signal for the inability to answer the phone. Travel time also becomes longer as cheating spouses perennially find themselves caught in “traffic” where the only source of traffic is a stop-over for a lovers’ tryst.

There are some signs of infidelity that are very personal and can only be observed by the faithful spouse such as the decrease in the level of intimacy or unusual increase in sexual activity. Cheating spouses also have particular interests in their partners’ schedules so as to “place” their whereabouts to plan his/her cheating activities accordingly. They also have the propensity to pick a fight to have a reason to get out of the house and get into the arms of the lover. There are indeed many signs but a keenly observant spouse may just need one to reveal the truth.

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