Cheating Prevention In Family Life

How to Prevent Cheating in Your Family

Cheating seems like a distant possibility when it happens to other people. It becomes personal when it comes knocking on your family’s door. The power of preventing cheating from happening in your own family lies in you and your spouse. No one else can take the responsibility for you. The sooner you realize that, the sooner you can work on saving your marriage and family.

There is one particular way which is within your control to prevent infidelity from creeping into your marriage. This is to maintain one’s self for yourself and your spouse. By taking care of yourself, you will have protection against one of the most common reasons why spouses cheat. Finding a partner to be no longer attractive makes a person susceptible to the physical attributes of another. Maintaining your health and looks makes you confident and able to fight for your relationship when required.

Resorting to some form of emotional blackmail can be a dirty trick but a useful one just the same to remind the possible cheating spouse of the consequences of infidelity. Though not recommended to be used too frequently as to become very obvious, subtle reminders of the impending misery and hurt that will be experienced by the family hounded by infidelity may serve the purpose. Spouses on the verge of cheating can still be stopped once they realize that they are not wiling to put their family through such an ordeal. Showing continued trust might provide the necessary pressure to live up to expectations to act more responsibly.

It is easy to presume that spouses know exactly what constitutes cheating. For most, cheating is committed when there is actual physical intimacy that took place. For some however, cheating also includes the emotional aspect as well. An example of this is an online relationship. This is because both acts violate the principle of trust inherent in relationships. Spouses should be able to talk to each other and determine what is acceptable or not to the other so expectations are clear from the very start.

A hands-on approach to a relationship is ideal. It took two people to form a marriage so it will also take both to sustain it and prevent cheating from happening. Each one should keep their fingers on the pulse of the relationship regardless of commitments to careers, children and household chores. Making your presence felt in company and family occasions can discourage unwelcome interests on your spouse and so does sharing in your spouse’s interest and hobbies.

It is always an advantage to know your spouse’s friends. Remember the saying that “Birds of the same feather, flock together”. There is so much more temptation present when your spouse is in constant companionship with people who do not only encourage infidelity but practice it as well. Having friends who share true respect for marriage may not totally protect your relationship from infidelity but it will have the reassuring support that every relationship needs.

Lastly, make it known to your partner especially during your dating stage that you will not tolerate cheating and that there will be consequences for infidelity. Some cheaters get into the habit of cheating simply because they know they can get away with it without losing anything. Learn to support your spouse in his/her most difficult times to give assurance that you will always be there for him/her but in no way will accept abuse of such support and trust.

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