Who is an average cheating wife?

The Average Cheating Wife

The average cheating wife can be any woman you know. It appears that it is impossible to provide a single profile of a cheating woman in terms of the usual demographic consideration such as age, class, work, or race. What is determinable however is the existence of opportunity for infidelity in the lives of these women.

Opportunity is present both to working and non-working women. Working women find that opportunity in the frequent interaction with members of the opposite sex in the workplace either in co-workers or clients. The financial freedom afforded by a full-time career has given women more control of how they want to spend money without the need to inform the husband.

A woman frequently left at home for extended periods of time by a busy husband is given considerable time to consider an extra-marital affair. Bored, lonely and financially provided for by the husband, she tries to look for ways to occupy her time but does not always find the right one and ends up with an affair. An average cheating wife feels a certain lack in the marriage which is unfortunately fulfilled by another man.

Women do not usually go out looking for a lover but find one just the same under the “right” circumstances. A neglectful husband is usually part of the problem, if not the only problem. The emotional detachment from the spouse can produce a persistent need that will find its answer, sooner or later. An average cheating wife is a woman who gets drawn to this “solution” even when she perfectly knows how dangerous it is.

The average cheating wife is usually an unappreciated woman. She takes care of everything in the house, sometimes while holding a job as well, and does not get much appreciation from the spouse. This is because the husband thinks that it is the duty of the wife to do what she is doing and therefore does not require any kind of recognition. This is where a husband usually goes wrong – in saying or doing nothing when a simple word or gesture of appreciation is the only thing that’s needed.

Romance usually goes out of a marriage through the years. An average cheating wife may just be missing the romantic side of the relationship. This is easily fixed by dating which need not be expensive but should at least be exciting. A relationship with another man brings back the thrill that has long been gone. This is a serious enough concern for women who place much importance on feeling loved and treasured above all else.

There are a number of women who cheat for sex although it is still not associated with an average cheating wife. The desire to get what is perceived as unattainable such as a young attractive man in the neighborhood may pose such a challenge so as to initiate infidelity. A woman left with no better things to do will look for excitement elsewhere.

An average cheating wife would likely confide in at least one friend or relative. A husband who observes discomfort when he is around his wife’s friends or relatives may just be on to something more serious. Generally, other people will not approve of the wife’s infidelity but will not say anything to the husband out of loyalty to the wife who is a blood relation or an intimate friend. Having personal knowledge of a relative’s or friend’s infidelity can bear heavy on one’s conscience making it difficult to put up a convincing front in the cheated spouse’s presence.

In an effort to become more attractive to a lover, an average cheating wife may try to look prettier as well under her clothes through matching underwear or sexy lingerie. These items become highly suspicious as cheating evidence when they are seen in the laundry bin with the husband having no recollection whatsoever in seeing her wife wearing them in their own bedroom. Where else do women wear sexy lingerie aside from the bedroom where the husband is?

An average cheating wife does not necessarily desire separation from the husband. She may however be unable to help herself from cheating if she derives fulfillment from whatever reason she deems justifiable. Thus, she will be caught acting suspiciously when using the telephone or the computer. A woman may not be able to act as naturally as she wants when the husband and the lover happen to be in the same place at the same time. A husband should take note of this reaction to determine who could probably be causing her discomfort and investigate from there.

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