Adultery Romantic Vacation

Rachel had been living like that for about a year. Even though the woman was very patient, she was about to let her husband go because their life together became unbearable. But suddenly Rachel was offered a vacation at some resort and she agreed to take it. The woman had given up already on the relationships with her husband and got quite depressed and indifferent to everything. James took her to the train station but did not kiss her “Good bye”, he just left. Rachel cried for the last time as she realized that that was the end of her marriage.

At the resort Rachel met a man named Peter who started courting her, which of course raised Rachel’s self-esteem. Peter was a handsome man, very interesting to talk to. He used to travel a lot and told Rachel fascinating stories about his adventures. He was married as well but unlike Rachel, did not seem to have family problems. Rachel decided to forget about hers and fell head over heels in love with Peter. Their love story was beautiful but platonic.

Meanwhile when Rachel called her mother-in-law to check if her son was alright, she was told that James was complaining about his wife’s not calling him any longer. It needs to be mentioned that James’ mother took Rachel’s side when their relationships started to fail. The woman appreciated her daughter-in-law sufferings and was very supportive. So, when Rachel found out that her husband felt insulted by her indifference, she did not seem to care and continued to enjoy her platonic relationships with Peter, secretly hoping that they would eventually become lovers.

However, Peter remained faithful to his wife and nothing happened between him and Rachel. She was a little disappointed but felt pretty confident about herself and even content with her life not having fear of the upcoming divorce.

When Rachel arrived in her home town, she was astonished to find James with a huge bouquet of roses waiting for her at the train station. And it was not just flowers- she saw passion and desire in his eyes! From that time on James changed for the better. As for Rachel, she started feeling confident and loved again and their life got back on track.

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