Adultery Help: Life After an Affair?

What expects you after divorce? It is hard to say. First of all it depends on your character and your life style. It is likely that after being upset for several weeks, you will make a new hair style and feel as if you are 20 again. And who knows maybe you will meet your Mr. Right then, your true love? Maybe your husband was just a rehearsal before your real life would start? Let your ex-husband see you in high spirits with a renewed outlook; let him regret his decision to divorce you!

If you are not that careless and cheerful, and you know in advance that you will not get over the divorce very easily, maybe you should not change your life style radically, because if you try to make your ex-husband feel upset or angry, most probably you will get even more frustrated. And of course your sufferings will cause emotional distress to your children.

Of course, you do not have to forget about your husband’s unfaithfulness as if it was a kid’s joke. However, it is not good to constantly reproach him for his shortcomings; just your one sad look will be enough to show a man how you feel deep inside.

Instead, do things that he does not like. For example if he hates folk music, make him watch the folk concert instead of his favorite soccer game. And if he dares say something against it, just look sad and let him know that you sacrificed a lot for him all those years and now you have a right to finally do what you wish. So, try not to speak it out but show your feelings to him looking sad and upset. And feeling guilty, he will start reading a newspaper whereas you, settling comfortably in your favorite armchair, will enjoy watching your favorite folk concert.

Here is another example how to punish an unfaithful husband. Let’s say he does not like cheese. So every day make him a cheese sandwich saying: “Enjoy your dinner, sweetheart. See, you cheated on me but I still take such a good care of you”. Never say a word of reproach though. And if he tries to argue with you, just look at him with a sad and innocent look which will definitely make him feel guilty.

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