Month: October 2011

Could Rich and Famous Keeps Monogamous Family?

Infidelity among the Rich and Famous The rich and famous have established particular notoriety for counting numerous cheaters among their ranks. Does this mean that rich and famous cheaters outnumber the cheaters belonging to a lower rank in wealth and popularity? Not necessarily but their cheating antics certainly get more coverage and attention because of […]

Right way to resolve the Cheating Spouse problem?

Deal with Cheating the Right Way Spousal cheating is a big blow to any marriage. Cheated spouses basically deal with it either through reconciliation or divorce. Both options however, require affected people to go through a process that will facilitate survival regardless of the choice taken. Both are difficult and demand acceptance of what can […]

Dealing with cheating spouse surveillance

Infidelity Surveillance Surveillance is the act of watching or maintaining a close watch on a particular area or person/s. It has been traditionally used in proving spousal infidelity. Spying for the spouse requires specific actions that will allow it to be carried out without detection from the subject of surveillance. Doubting spouses can initially carry […]