Month: February 2011

The reasons of men marital unfaithfulness.

Fornication has numerous reasons of psychological, social, neuro-physiological, emotional, intellectual and moral background. Each and every individual has his or her own reasons for that, depending not just on a specific situation and circumstances but on the traits of  personality. Besides, the reasons of unfaithfulness are also connected with gender differences associated with the psychological […]

About CheckMate Infidelity Test Kit

The CheckMate Bulletin Ending the Nightmare of Uncertainty Suspicion and doubt stemming from infidelity between spouses can wreck havoc on a person’s state of physical and mental well-being, whether warranted or not.  This is a problem that can only be stopped by a foolproof evidence of guilt or non-guilt.  Due to the sensitivity of the […]

Swingers Lifestyle Instead of Cheating

Swingers are generally couples who engage in sexual acts with another couple/s although there are some individual swingers as well. Swinging is a sexually liberated lifestyle wherein people consent to participate in sex with others aside from their legal spouses. This arrangement does not involve cheating or betrayal since participation is known and involves the […]